Sunday, October 18, 2009

Carter's Crusaders rock the CHOC Walk

A huge Thank You goes out to everyone who supported Carter and CHOC this morning! Those of you who walked and those of you who cheered from afar. Team Carter's Crusaders ended up being over 60+ members strong and raised over $8000 for CHOC in honor of our little SuperHERO, Carter Kipp.

The Walk was great fun....So EARLY! But a blast. We woke the kids up at 5AM. The girls were so confused as to why they were getting out of bed when it was still pitch black outside. Matt said "Who wants to go to Disneyland?!" and Wyatt sat straight up in his crib and yelled "Yeah! That's a good idea, Dad!" So cute.

Now for the pics. Some of them are from my phone, so they're not the greatest, but I still wanted to share all the fun we had this morning with all of you who made it such a success!

This is the sign the Glass Slipper Guild had made that we all walked together as a team behind.
 Is Carter the cutest thing, or what?

Kara and Bennett Kipp (Carter's Mom and Big Brother!) before the Walk began.
CLICK HERE to visit the Kipp Blog "We Love Carter!"

The girls and me looking pretty in our Joy's Hope Messy Flowers inspired by Carter.
Want a Messy Flower too? Julie makes them as pins and clips too, in all sorts of rockin' fabrics and even LOVES your special requests! CLICK HERE to get one.

Wyatt wanted in on the photo session too. Can't say no to my Munchie.

The Carterman "tattoo" I had made (really just a stamp!) Want one? CLICK HERE. Greg will make one with any initial you want...and he's super nice! He donated the $ from this sale back to Carter's Crusaders. Love that!
(My new necklace is cute too, huh? Heather made it for me. She's donating 10% of her shop's sales til the end of October to Carter's go shop!)

My Girlfriends, Old and New. All of them went to elementary school with Kara!
Kim, Sepi, Tami, Kelly and Aleece

Disneyland was decked out for Halloween.
The kids loved all the Mickey & Minnie pumpkins.

Exactly why Disneyland is called the "Happiest Place on Earth."
And why I love it so....Whimsical, fun, creative, AWESOME.
Stalks of CANDY corn!!

and Candy Corn Coconuts in all the Palm Trees.
I love this place.

And we're off!

The view down Main Street USA at the start of the Walk, 7AM.
There was twice this many people still behind us!

Megan and Molly made fast friends with Charlotte and Audrey, daughters of my girlfriend Marni.

Marni and her husband Dave, went to Pepperdine with me. Marni and I are both Glass Slipper members and thanks to this event have finally reconnected! So fun.

My hot husband was there too. With all the team/tshirt facilitating I had to do, there was no way I could've taken the kids without him. Have I mentioned before how AWESOME Mateo is for always supporting me 110% in everything I do?!
(Oh, yeah. And he's hot!)

Matt's best friend Jud and his daughter Mackenzie.

More Girlfriends. Brooke, Ashley and Allison
We've known each other since preschool!

Lots of characters were all along the Walk route. Some waved and cheered from a distance, while others walked with us and gladly posed for pictures with all the kids. Wyatt just about came out of his skin when Woody and Buzz Lightyear gave him hugs. The girls practically broke into song and dance with the High School musical cast members.

 Elle - this pretty lady made me think of you!
Happy Birthday!
(Elle's mommy makes yummy stuff for little girls and donated 10% of her shop's sales to Carter's Crusaders all last month. Love that too!)


All along the route were signs explaining the awesomeness that is Children's Hospital Orange County and how/where the $$ raised today is spent. (I only snapped a few tho)


The Walk ended in Downtown Disney complete with Wildcat cheerleaders celebrating our finish. Can you guess who LOVED this part of the morning?!

The Krotts Family at the finish line.
Kim went to elementary school with Kara.

Burns Party of Five at the Finish Line!

I think this morning was a rockin' success. Only thing that could have made it better would've been to have our little SuperHERO there himself. But he's too immuno-compromised right now! And I think the Walk probably wouldn't be much fun with a broken leg...even if it was at Disneyland! =) Carter has his scan later this week to confirm that he is CANCER FREE so let's all dance and pray and keep our fingers crossed! Kara and Bennett, it was so good to see you. I hope you had fun at the walk and took home lots of fun stories for Carter and Dad to hear!

If this picture doesn't make you want a Carterman tee....then you're P.U!
(as we like to say here at Bringing Up Burns, thanks to Junie B. Jones)
Carter, Davis and Bennett Kipp in their Carterman shirts!

I still have a few tees left if you want one. They are presently being worn ALL OVER - from California to New Jersey, Colorado to North Carolina, Florida to Indiana - we've got people lovin' on Carter everywhere and that makes my heart so happy! 
AGAIN - a huge Thank You from the bottom of my heart to everyone who worked hard, and contributed time, money, love, donations, and labor to make it a success. You rock my socks.

(Mrs. Maize...I thought of you and Miss AudreyC all morning. It seems today was not our day to meet, but I know in my heart that day is right around the corner! Love you. XOXO I'm sending Aud a Carterman tee. Because any girl who dances to Miley like that deserves some MommaBurns love! =)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like one amazing day!! Elle will get a kick out of that photo! You are so sweet to think of her :-) I hope my donation came through. Let me know if it didn't. Big huge hugs for putting this all together.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

yay!! looks like you guys had a great day. loved all the pictures!!

mel said...

You are so awesome for doing all of this! Love all the pictures! Praying for Carter's scan this week!

Angry Julie Monday said...

Looks like an awesome event for a great cause!!! Plus I think you got some fun time in too!

Aubs said...

LOVE it!! So wish i could have been there but i was thinking of you guys yesterday and loved telling anyone who asked all about my shirt and what a CHAMP Carter is!! (i forgot to take a picture but i will be wearing it again soon and will get a pic then!) HUGS!!

PamperingBeki said...

Eriiiinnnn!! This made me tear up!

I love it. All of it!

I thought of you guys so many times on Sunday! So proud of you.

LauraC said...

LOVE every bit of this post! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Erin THANK YOU for all the hard work you put into this! You are amazing and everyone really appreciates all that you do and are! Now SLOW down;) xoxox Allison

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

You're so awesome for putting all of this together!! Continuing to keep Carter and his family in my prayers!!

PS - thanks for the shout-out and love the necklace!! Three more sales for Carter this afternoon! Woot!

LACY said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!

~love said...

awesome, awesome, awesome.

wish we could've come to walk. i'm heading to bed and wondering WHY on earth we don't live near you. (i'm confident in our next door-ness in heaven, but i don't know if i can wait that long) ;)

carter rules.

will send you pic of ellie in her shirt soon!

Chelle said...

So amazing and inspiring. just shows that there are still people who do amazing and uplifting things.

Love the post and thank you for sharing it with us all!

Brooke said...

I need to send you a picture of me in the shirt.

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