Monday, October 19, 2009

Stinker Butts

Megan's Kindergarten class has been learning their colors. Each day for two weeks, they are supposed to wear as much of the "Color of the Day" as possible. Today's color is PURPLE. My obsessive self stayed up till 4AM sewing this for her to wear today:

(My girl is a skinny mini. this pic looks weird b/c her waist is only 16 inches!)

But she wasn't too impressed. She liked it alright. Just not enough to actually wear it! She came to me (almost in tears) and said "Mom, I know you worked hard on this, but I would really be more comfortable in my jeans and my purple t-shirt. Is that okay?"

My response was less than stellar.

"Of course that's okay, Megan. What do I always tell you? Clothes don't make the person.....Just don't expect me to stay up all night sewing something pink and awesome for tomorrow! And the purple outfit's going up for sale if you don't love it."

Awesome, right? Who says that to their over the top sweet, love of a of child?

Lucky for me, my Kindergartener is often more level headed than her Mother. She just smiled and said "Okay Mom. I still want the hair clip though."

Apparently she's a quick learner too. Because next she said to me, "If you make the pink one a teeny bit longer tonight, it will be awesome!" and ran off to find her grungy jeans and faded purple tee.


Peasant Top and Ruffle Pants with Yo-Yo Flowers will be available for purchase just as soon as I can list them! Size 4T can ship immediately! =)


Kelly O. said...

oh my! it's terribly cute. I think I'm the mom that would have MADE her wear it! What does that say about me ? ;)
you're a good mom

Joanna said...

I'd wear it!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

You're such a sweet mom!!

Jenny said...

How funny! Daniel's Kinder class has P-U-R-P-L-E as the color of the week too. But, alas, my son has no purple to wear! Bummer.

Very cute outfit! Emily saw the picture and said she loved it! She's home with a headache and fever today.
Love to read and catch up on the blog.

Auntie Jenny

Mommafo said...

Too funny. You're a lot nicer than I am. :)

My daughter did the exact opposite. I sewed some fall fabric ruffles onto her jeans, and they ended up being way too low and long. The ruffles sat on the ground, basically. I told her it was too long and that I should find her something else, she kept telling me that she loved them and that it was okay, she'd wear it anyway. Too sweet, and totally unexpected from that child. :)

~love said...

oh, erin! she is so cute and SO sweet! but, i probably would've said the same thing....then, thought the same thing about myself. i love you. =)

sb said...

She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks, huh? That's a good thing, although I'm sure it's questionable in the teenage years... If it were my size, I'd love to wear it (the top at least - I'm not sure I can get away with the flowers on my pants like that).

Kari said...

Adorable! Why don't our girls understand Fashion?!?!

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit. Whe would have been the envy if all!


Misha said...

Those pants are so cute!

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