Monday, October 05, 2009


Life is crazy hectic these days.
I've got about a million plates spinning in the air and I feel like at any given moment one of them is going to come crashing down and smack me in the head.
But even with all I've got going on - these three have a way of keeping me focused on what really matters.


The dress will get sewn. The cookies baked. The papers signed. The tees packaged and mailed. The fabric bought. The invites addressed. The laundry folded. The dishes washed. The costumes made. The garden weeded. My run, ran.

All of those things WILL get done, eventually. Most of them even completed on time! But in reality, they can all WAIT. They will all be there in 5 minutes, in 2 hours, tonight, tomorrow.

What can't wait are my Munchies.

In 5 minutes they will have tried to do on their own what they are asking me to help with now.
In two hours it will be nap time and they'll be soundly sleeping, not eagerly wanting to play.
Tonight we will all be busy with dinner and books and baths and bedtimes. 
Tomorrow they'll each be one day older.
One day more full of experiences tried, lessons learned, and knowledge gained.
One day less I have them all to myself.

Before I know it, they will be the ones I'm packing up and shipping off. Not in Flat Rate shipping boxes, I hope! But moving out just the same.

(Think of all I will get done then! If only to keep me from going mad from the boredom.)

So NOW is when I want to focus on them. The present is my PRESENT. This time with them is the greatest gift. One I've dreamed of my whole life. And I'm loving every minute of it.

Every minute that I remained focused, that is!

Happy Monday. I'm off to spin some plates. Playdough, sandbox, train table plates.


Jan said...

Beautifully written Erin! Everytime I would give a little talk in Parent/Child, about enjoying your kids right NOW because they grow up soooo fast, I would cry. Graham and Bryce were almost out on their own and I would long for those "little kid" days again. Thanks for making me smile today!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Well said my friend!!! And oh so true ;)

Aubs said...

Great post! Could not have said it any better i'm pretty sure you are like the master plate spinner! ;) Love ya!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Well said!! Sometimes I need to remind myself of these things!

~love said...


my shirts are shipped (for now) & i don't expect any new info from africa right now, so i'm vowing to put up my computer tomorrow! too much for me the last couple of days.

this balancing act is crazy sometimes!

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