Friday, October 02, 2009

Get that Wiggle Some Midol!

We're pretty big into Peter Pan here at Bringing Up Burns lately. We read it, watch it, act it out. The story, with it's fairies, lost boys, mermaids, pirates, pixie dust, indians, crocodiles, and big sisters who know best - is one that keeps everyone here entertained.

And I thought I had heard my last "Hot Potato" about a year ago. But seems I was counting my feathers before my swords because Wyatt has also taken a liking to the Wiggles recently. (Lord help me. Yummy Yummy.)

Yesterday Wyatt and I had the following conversation:

ME: Hey Munch, will you sing the Pirate song for Mommy?
 WY: "Yo Ho! Pirate Life ME...Arrrgh!"
 ME: "Yay! I love you little pirate. Is your name Captain Hook?"
WY: "No I not CapHook, Mom! No way. Go WAY CapHook!"
ME: "You don't like Captain Hook?"
WY: "No Way!"
ME: "Why don't you like Captain Hook?"
WY: "Cause Mom. CapHook is a mean Wiggle!"
ME: "What? Captain Hook's not a Wiggle, silly!"
WY: "Yeah Mom. CapHook bad. He mad, Mom. CapHook mean Wiggle. Really mean Wiggle, CapHook."

Later in the day, when Captain Feathersword was on TV gyrating and sqwaking in all his puffy pantaloon pirate glory, Wyatt pointed to the TV and said "See Mom?! He happy now. He nice Wiggle. Right Mom?"


Wyatt thinks Hook is a pissed off Feathersword!

Ahhh.....being his mom rocks.


Amy Croley said...

My oldest LOVED The Wiggles! She use to sleep with a picture of Murray!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Too funny! Leila has never been into the Wiggles but I used to work in a gym childcare where it was on ALL the time! 10 years later and I still have all the songs memorized!

Debra said...

That is too cute! My 3 year old loves Wiggles.

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