Friday, October 16, 2009

Ton of Bricks

You know when something has been troubling you for awhile and then all of a sudden, clear as day, the answer pops in your head. Some people call this sorta thing an "A-HA! moment." Well I had one of those this morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I can't seem to find my rhythm because SHE's not here. Last year at this time, she would come over at the drop of a hat to help me with whatever it was I needed. Whether it be staying at the house with the little ones so I could easily (and quickly) run to school pick ups, or folding the baskets of laundry that started to pile up on my couch, or washing the dishes that piled up in my sink, or taking home all my sewing pieces and doing the basting stitches for me so I could focus on the details. She did all that for me and more. Happily.

This year she must be looking down and tsking her tounge, laughing out loud, shaking her head, screaming from the clouds "If I told you once, I told you a thousand are overcommitted and no one notices half the things you obsess on but you, so give them up!"

Ahhh, GG! You are right. You were always right.

I love you and MISS you crazy so! How am I suppossed to obsess on the details when you're not here to facilitate my craziness? Would you please tell God when he decided to call you home, he seriously cramped my style!

1 comment:

LauraC said...

So sorry to hear that you feel her loss even more, so much later. But girl, I get tired just thinking about you have on your plate and you know I'm out there doing a ton of stuff myself!

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