Friday, November 13, 2009


In the CHAOS that has been the last 7 days of my life...
this sweet child has brought me clarity.

Look at that face. Is there anything more perfect?
More innocent? More sweet? More satisfied? More everything?
That face whips me back to the present, the perfect, the simple.

And look who learned how to tie her own shoes!
Perfect, black, sparkly, heart laces in her high tops, bow tied, SHOES.

I love this kid.
Over the moon. Over her high tops!
Life is perfect
Chaotic and Crazy. But perfect.


chefamily said...

what a cutie!
p.s. love the sparkly heart laces!

Shealynn Benner said...

She's super cute! And look at those fab laces! ;) I remember when Angelina learned how to tie her shoes. I was soo proud! Such a great feeling... one more step towards independence. ;)

~love said...

oh, megan!! you and chloe are getting so big. wish we lived close, as i just KNOW you would have SO MUCH FUN.

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