Monday, November 30, 2009

Please Stand Up

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In two weeks I will be hosting a group of beautiful women at my house for a weekend of blogger bliss! These 5 women I have never met, but can happily say, are some of my closest friends. I feel like they each have a piece of my heart in theirs. We are similar in so many ways. Mothers, wives, crafters, bloggers, Tweeters, Etsy shop owners, Lovers of the Lord...but we have our differences too. Our similarities make it easy and fun to be virtual besties. Our differences keep it interesting (edward vs. vs. diet coke) ALL of these women make me better in the best ways possible. Five outstanding & inspiring women who live their lives in a way I strive to live mine each day. Intentionally giving, appreciating and creating good in this world. 

So you can imagine my excitement to meet these women IN REAL LIFE! To laugh out loud with them (no more LOL), to squeeze them, sew with them, run with them, drink, eat and BE with them. Marta is flying in from Missouri!! Mel, Heather G and Heather M are driving down from the Bay Area. Me and Julie are the SoCal locals who could meet in the middle in 15 minutes, but have yet to do so.

I am so excited to do something so "out of my box."
I'm blessed these women are coming to me!
(Because we all know my issues with leaving my 3 mile radius)

We 6 girlies are not just getting together to party, however.
(there will be plenty of that too!)
But more importantly, we are getting together to
change the world.
You heard me.

We are coming together to bring to life
Project 320

Julie's AMAZING idea:

To collect 100 handmade and heartfelt items.
Divide them into 10 giant, happy prize bundles.
Have five days of giveaways.
Two bundles of prizes featured each day.

But not just the "enter, enter, enter, get, get, get" type of giveaways.
More of a raffle.

In order to get your name "in the hat" to win one of the bundles, you must make a $10 donation to charity:water.
Cause we want to build a well.

$5,000 fully funds a well.
A well that can save 500 lives.
Change an entire village.

That's just 50 entries per prize package.
 Readers will be able to choose their favorite prize bundle or bundles, make a donation, and then put their names in the drawing to win.

Project 320 has its very blog so entrants can donate directly to the well and we all can track and celebrate the progress.
Be sure and check it out an become a follower today.
It's where you'll get a chance to know each of the 6 of us a little better, where we'll announce the giveaways, and post some wonderful, rad, awesome, fantabulous things!

Here's my FAVORITE part.
Want to know what Project 320 stands for?

Now glory be to God! By His mighty power at work within us, He is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.
Ephesians 3:20

Do you want to help change the world too?
 Cause we need your help!
If you have an Etsy shop great! What wonderful advertising. Your shop will be linked and featured in each post that includes one of your prize donations.
If you don't have an Etsy shop, but thought about opening one? What a great excuse!
But let's just say you would just love to use your hands to create something?
You are so welcome to!
Even if you don't have or aren't able to donate anything handmade, don't feel like you can't help.
Let's say someone donates a cozy coffee cuff?
What if you donated a Starbucks card to compliment it?
Or someone donates a necklace?
How about a Target card that the winner could go buy a new top to match it?

All prize donations will need to be at Julie's house (or mine) by December 10th.
I know that doesn't give you a ton of time and life is crazy hectic right now.
But you can do it!

If you live by me, you can drop them off or I can pick them up. Just make sure I have your items by Thursday December 10th! And be sure to send business cards and/or your blog (and or Etsy shop) address with the package so we can properly link to you and THANK YOU!

Then in two weeks, when the girls are here, we will combine all of the wonderful donations and divide them into packages and prepare the blog posts together. A perfect weekend full of sewing, blogging, eating and FUN.....

The giveaway week is scheduled to run December 14th-18th
with the winners announced on the 21st.

Contact me for Julie's address if you would like to mail your donations!

Everyday I want to live my life in such a way that I go to bed at night knowing I did my best to make this world a better place while I was in it. This is one of my ways. Every little bit helps.

Every DROP matters!


Margot said...


I started reading about Charity:water after one of your older posts and I'm now obsessed. I first started thinking about the "water problem" when I was in South Africa on semester abroad in college. I wondered why the local government was not more concerned with providing clean water and sanitation services to these communities. I love what you are doing. I want to help. I thought about maybe knitting something, but I don't know if I can realistically get it done and sent to you by the 10th.
What can I do to help besides providing a prize donation?

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Holla!! so excited to be a part of this with you and the other fabulous girls!

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