Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'm not sure I'll ever BUY a gift again...

I dare you to watch this and NOT be changed.
NOT want to take everything you've already bought BACK to the stores.
NOT want to get up and pour yourself a cold glass of water and sigh.

450 BILLION dollars on Christmas?! Just this season alone.
It almost makes me sick. Literally.
Knowing how grumpy not having HOT running water made me last week.
I can't imagine not having any water at all.
And to solve this WORLD problem....SOLVE IT....would cost just 10 Billion dollars.
1/45th what's gonna be spent on Christmas this year.
Yep. Sick.
But not as sick as this little boy is gonna be after finishing that bottle of water.

So just an FYI - to all my IRL friends and family - any gift giving, swaping, secret santa-ing I'm involved in this're getting handmade my these two hands.
Or you're getting water.
And you're gonna LOVE it!
{And so will he!}

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