Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Time Out

At our old house we had a "naughty bench," right by the front door, that I used for time outs. The kids were trained quite well. They knew the bench meant business. That you had done something seriously wrong and Mom wasn't messing around. Whenever someone would get banished to the bench, Wyatt would say (over and over for the rest of the day) "Molly got a BIG time out!" BIG was always grunted loudly and accompanied by wide eyes and a shaking head.

In our new house, however, we don't have a naughty bench anymore. There have a been a couple times I wished we did! But now you just have to go stand in a corner in the kitchen when Mom's had enough. (So far Wyatt's the only one who has had to go there....so no cute commenting yet!)

Well today, Blogger is in the naughty corner. He was misbehaving and making my life difficult, so I put him in time out. Apparently he seems to think I've reached my maximum storage capacity and in order to upload more pictures to the blog, I need to PAY! And not only do I need to pay, but it will take "up to 24 hours" to process my payment and increase my storage capacity.

Grrr.....Naughty Corner.

So while Blogger is in time out (processing my payment) I've been getting chummy with Picnik.  And I just might not even WANT (or need) Blogger to come out of time out. Picnik has photo editing tools called "Shine Be Gone" "Wrinkle Remover" "Highlights" "Mascara" "Teeth Whitener" "Blush" "Sunless Tan!!"

AND I can add words in uber cute fonts to my pictures!?


I mean, yeah, I still gotta pay, but at least I get some fantabulousness for my $$, not just storage space!

This is both an awesome and horrible discovery. I LOVE that I can take a crappy pic and with a couple clicks be tan, blonde, wrinkle free and mascara'd. But I HATE that I have no excuse of ever looking like a lazy, tired, stayed up too late playing with Piknic, housewife again! (At least in pictures, that is.)

Funnily enough - the amount of time I spent last night adding mascara to all our tree shopping pictures...I shoulda just taken the time to apply a coat or two before leaving the house saved myself the trouble. Cause now I'm gonna have to edit out tired, puffy eyes in any pictures I take today!

Seriously peoples. Go check Picnik out.
Or don't.
Cross the line if you want.
Or stay right where you are.
It's your pasty white, wrinkly face your posting all over the web.
And yellow teeth.
And non-existent eyelashes.
Not mine.
Just sayin'.

Now you want to put me in TIME OUT, huh?!
I know. Me too.


LauraC said...

Seriously let me know if you want a quick email tutorial on posting pics to your blog via flickr instead of blogger! It is so easy, you will never want to go back to hosting on blogger again! Much better quality! And no stupid formatting issues!!!

Favors With Love said...

I was just gonna say, don't pay. Use photobucket or flickr to host your photos.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Oh that naughty blogger! I {heart} Picnik for my editing too! Haven't seen the puffy, tired, red eye remover yet.....could use some right now!

Anonymous said...

So I'll have to check that out...my wordpress is warning me that I have to pay for a space upgrade soon, too. Does using Piknik make your files smaller so you don't have to upgrade? I'm looking into it.

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