Monday, January 04, 2010

Good Words and Goals

I wrote these words on the chalkboard that is in our dining room/kitchen/family room area early morning January 1st. I think they are perfect for me to try and live by in 2010.

 I read some blogs where people chose just ONE WORD to represent their upcoming year. For  my supurlative self, that was a little harder to come by. But after a few days of consideration I have decided on:


Twenty Ten is going to be about making everything I do, say, be, give, grow, read, make, sew, bake, love and live BEAUTIFUL. I figure I can't go wrong if when I am at a crossroad - I stop and ask myself "Does this make our lives/the world more beautiful?" If the answer if YES - then I'll do it wholeheartedly. If the answer is NO - then I can leave it in peace. Unfortunately - I realize the two aren't mutually exclusive. So I made this rule for myself: If something will make the world more beautiful - but consume my time and energy to the point that it makes my life less so, then my life and my family come first.

Other than that - the only other "goals" I have set for myself so far for 2010 concern running. Matt and I are racing to 60 miles in the month of January. My personal goal is to do 20 miles per week. I've already got 7+ under my belt in 2 days! Laura and I are racing to change our Nike+ color to BLUE! You may remember how excited I was to reach 155 miles and have my color turn to Green. Well, to get to Blue will take almost 500 more! It may take me most of the year, but I am committed to doing it and LOVE Laura for agreeing to be my motivation!

Since I am going to be doing all this running, I think it's time I look into some half marathons. I told myself all last year as I was losing weight, that I would run one someday. Well 70lbs have gone...and now I need something new that seems unsurmountable. When I began, my goal weight seemed unsurmountable and when I finally got there, if felt AWESOME. So I want that feeling again.

I'm thinking maybe the PCRF Half Marathon in May and the Chicago Half Marathon in October! I already do the PCRF run every year anyhow, so going the distance should be something I try for this year. And I never really need much of an excuse to get my butt to if my sister agrees to run it with me, I'll be there! Anyone want to join me in either race?

It's a good thing I'm back to my running self...
cause this is how we spent New Years Eve
(and pretty much every other day over Christmas Break!)

It was yummy and worth every bite!
Happy New Year!


LauraC said...

I can't commit to another half marathon yet because Jon would groan. HA! But girlie, this is going to be a spectacular year!

Valerie said...

Good luck with your running :) I wish I could commit to it but we can only run a couple months out of the year out here since we're buried under piles of snow right now lol!

Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Best of luck to you - I know you can do it!!

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