Monday, April 12, 2010

Masters Munchie

Matt started checking the bird traps at Strawberry Farms last week. And we had the Masters on most of the weekend. But even before these two things, Wyatt has been into Golf. I can't tell if he really likes the sport...or just the WHACKING of balls with anything resembling a club.

Either way, Sunday morning he wanted to PLAY! He was walking around the house, still in his jammies, trying to dig his tee into the carpet. I told him Golf was really an outside game and as soon as he was dressed, with shoes on, he could go out front and whack away! 

He tried to tell me he didn't need to get dressed. He could play outside in his jammies. When I explained that it was really wet out on the grass and that he needed shoes...he promptly marched to his room. Since he always fights me on getting dressed in the morning, this kind of surprised me. I thought to myself, "WOW! That was easy!" 

Turns out my kid is smarter than me however. Cause a minute later he marched back out, still in his jammies, but with his Froggie rain boots on over the top! He informed me that actually, NO! He didn't have to get dressed to play golf and NO! His feet wouldn't be getting wet. It was just fine FINE to go outside. what do you think I let him do?

Please no comments about who's Master of who around here...okay?


Bert Bell said...

Thanks for the smile Munchie!!! I really needed a smiling blonde boy in jammies and froggie boots today! Bet he had one heck of a time playing golf. He is right you know....he was dressed & there was no nekid golfer in the yard....his feet were quite dry and cozy in those lovely green boots. So sweet!

Joanna said...

He looks so much like Molly in that picture!

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