Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sandwiched, Simply.

Today is a good day.
A sunny, do nothing, beautifully easy day.
But it's sandwiched between two yucky days.
Candace's 35th Birthday and my Granny's Memorial Service.
So today's sublime simpleness gets trumped.

I started thinking about how that's totally unfair.
How today should be able to stand alone.
Not be swallowed up by the emotions of yesterday and tomorrow.

But then I started thinking about how being Sandwiched can be beneficial.
When being "smooshed between" makes a thing better than when it stands alone.
Like ice cream, or peanut butter & jelly, or our family.

After dinner when the kids are playing, Mateo and I like to sneak off to our room for a snuggle.
We have fun timing how long it takes before the kids find us.
(On Tuesday we got a whole whopping 1 minute and 57 seconds ALONE.)
They come running down the hall giggling and saying,
"I bet they're kissing! GROSS!"
Once on our bed with us, we take turns making Megan, Molly & Wyatt Sandwiches.
Mom & Dad are the bread.

Family Sandwiches are my favorite kind of sandwich of all.

Today my sister is in town.
And our baby niece was just born.

Two things that are awesome standing alone!
But because they are part of today,
Sandwiched between my yucky days...
They are made even more awesome and bring even more happiness.

They bring my focus back to the simple.
Back to what's really important.
Back to finding the good in everything.

This is what's on the chalkboard in our dining room right now.

And LOOK at those blooms fresh from the garden!
I wish you could smell them.

 Talk about simple happinesses!
Beautiful Sisters
Healthy Babies
Fresh Flowers

As Martha would say,
Being Sandwiched is a "Good Thing."

So I'm focusing today on the simple and the sandwich.
Making THIS for Book Club tonight.
And realizing that two yucky days make today,
Worth Celebrating!

What are your simple happinesses worth celebrating?
Do share!


Kelly O. said...

this post made me happy :)

Ashley said...

ahhhh one of those days over here too.

Simple happiness of today was laying on a quilt in the yard with my babies while we ate goldfish crackers.

Praying for you this week.

Thanks for this post.

Your flowers are gorgeous

Ashley said...

By the way just looked up the recipe you're making for your book club... Oh my Scrumptious!!! Think I'll make that for a fun weekend meal. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Erin! A reminder that to stop and cherish the good even when it may be surrounded by tantrums and bad days (as our house has been full of lately)...but there's so much GOOD too! I need a refocus my attention on those things and let go of the all the bad...Thanks for great words!

Joanna said...

Great pictures! The colors are beautiful.
I am sorry about your Granny. I didn't tell you this the last time we talked. :-(

LauraC said...

Dang Erin, this is why you need to blog more woman. Beautiful! To find the good times in the tough times. I wish I had that ability the last few months but oh well. Sorry to hear about the crap week.

Polka Dot Moon said...

You always find the good amongst the crummy!

Sandwiches are the best - espesh the family kind!!!

BTW you are one Haute Auntie!

Enjoy the goodness all around :) kisses, snuggles, sandwiches, sisters, babies and more!

p.s. I can always bust a rhyme w/Sheyb if you need an extra giggle ;) just sayin'. wurd

love said...

oh, erin i love you.

i LOVE those flowers. and your chalkboard. and you with your precious niece. and that necklace!!! and family sandwiches. and finding the good in everything.

also--i've realized, now that i'm here tonight, that i didn't blog something that i wanted to and i'm SO SORRY. i am such a bad friend...ugh! sorry!!

Mariah said...

your posts always make me laugh, or cry... this did both!
I must know - where did you find that necklace. I have to have one!!!

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