Thursday, May 27, 2010

Deep End

I went a little psycho in the Aqua & Cherry department for last night's book club.
For Reals.
As in, I spray painted my shoes and made a necklace to match, psycho.

I'm talking dessert buffet, paper lanterns, manzanita centerpiece, and martinis.
All in Red and Turquoise.
Off the deep end.

Those were the colors on the cover.
And they also happen to be some of my faves when paired together.
So I couldn't help myself.
Tell me you understand.
We can chat while we tread water together.

Last night we discussed THIS.
{My Pick}
You may have had to enter the "Young Adult" section in order to buy it.
Don't Judge.

The very, exactly, precisely REASON WHY I love my book club is because the next book we are reading is THIS.

We go from Werewolf Teen Sex to Polygamous Mormon Murder in a matter of four weeks.
Eat that Oprah.


Ashley said...

Oh my!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

LOVE that you spray painted your accessories ;)

and your book choice.....FAB! One of my faves!!

I SO would have crashed your book club last night had I lived closer :) for both the company and TREATS!!

Amy said...

I'll be out in the depths treading with you! ;-) You gotta go BIG or go is too short to be average! Looks like you made some color coordinated cake balls ~ I have GOT to try those soon.

Anonymous said...

If you are intrigued by the murder book next month you might read "the 19th Wife " and or "The White Salamander Letters." Betsy

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

loooooove this post!! And I really want to be in your book club and go to your meetings! I hate that we don't live next door to each other!

And I agree with the previous commenter - the 19th Wife is a great read!

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