Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I die before I wake...

When we moved, all three kids got new bedding. I reupholstered chairs, painted tables, and spent a small fortune on new flowers and seeds for the garden. Had Endless Summer Surfers silhouetted on Wyatt's wall, built a sewing studio in the garage, and made new throw pillows for all the couches. Our bedroom is the one part of the house that is still "undone." My Mom bought us brand new sheets, pillows and duvet...but I couldn't decide on a duvet cover or bedspread. So it's all just plain white. Matt likes it this way. I do not. Regardless, our room always seems to remain on the back burner. Mainly because anytime we decide to spend money, something else always seems more pressing. But also because I hadn't found anything I fell in love with.

Until now.
I DIE this bedding is so awesome.

(If I really do die before I wake...
At least I'd be sleeping in fabulousness, right?!)
It's Anthro.
And it's called "Bella"
Too fitting. Don'tcha think?
I love it.
I bet Mateo won't.

Our dresser needs to be repainted.

A few months back,
someone who spells their name M-O-L-L-Y
decided to practice her printing on the drawers with a Sharpie marker!
(this is the perp's mug shot.
okay. not really. just a silhouette I'm painting on our pantry doors.)

I picked out this paint when we moved...

but never got around to painting the dresser not knowing for sure what the rest of the bedroom would be.
Now all I want to do is make it all come together.
Gonna have to sell a hundred bib necklaces first!

(I also stumbled across more crazy awesome yesterday. I think I need to get married again.)


LauraC said...

When is Matt's birthday? You need to sign him up for an Anthro (rewards) card... not the credit card. They send you a 10% off your purchase coupon to be used any time during your birthday month. I figure you can not wait until next March to get this set.

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

I feel ya. Our room is totally undone too. But moving a new baby in has helped. Just bought fabric for a new quilt. Eek!! At least the baby corner of our room will be cute.

Ashley said...

Oh my.... love love love!!!

We too have an all white bed. Same reason... other things have top priority over pretty bedding. Such as tires. Booo.

Keep selling those bib necklaces.. you can do it!!!!

Aubs said...

girl...i am so with you. our room is NEGLECTED! and for pretty much the same reasons as you...anytime we happen to have extra money there is always something else that seems more important! one of these days i will get my dream bedroom! ;)
ps...that paint color? pure awesomeness. LOVE it!!

EKH said...

Lady, it's all in how you present it. Pair it with some striped sheets and solid duvet to man it up a little and it's the perfect unisex bedding =)

TDM Wendy said...

Cute bedding and adorable perp. Love her work.

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