Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday

Busy week this week!
Spring Football has begun and we've got gymnastics, Daisies, bible study, softball, Open House, Glass Slipper's a Manic Monday for sure.

But here are a few "thoughts" I wanted to share with you before I get lost in my week...

I started Menu Planning again. Actually, I never stopped. I just got bad about regularly posting my plans and menus to Haute Plates. But I'm back. At least this week. So go check it out! Have a recipe you'd like to share? I'd love to have you guest blog at Haute Plates! Leave me a comment or email and let me know.

You've heard of Netflix, right? I discovered something EVEN BETTER this weekend! (Better that is, if you love to read like I do!) It's called BookSwim. Join for a monthly fee, create your book que, and then receive bestsellers in the mail to keep and read at your leisure. Return them when you are finished in the pre-paid envelope. No late fees. No due dates. I think this is awesome. I love to read, but don't have the time to peruse the bookstore like I would like, finding my next read. And I am running out of room to store all the books I read! I pass some on to my sister, mom, girlfriends...but this seems like a great alternative. Subscriptions start at $24 per month for 3 books out at a time. I spend money each month on Amazon buying books and paying for shipping anyway. All my reader friends...what do you think? What books should I add to my que?

I gotta watch LOST before Laura gets home and blogs about it tomorrow!

I'm in a running slump and need to get out. I haven't ran since the half marathon. For varied reasons. But today was the first morning I woke feeling depressed about it and needing to pound the pavement. This happens to me. I cycle between exerting my energy physically and creatively. Lately I've been spending all my extra time and "juice" sewing and making stuff for my shop. While creating in this way brings me satisfaction does nothing for my middle! And I love to therefore I must run. Time to even out the cycle and get it not so lopsided!

Speaking of are some new Red HAUTE things I made this weekend:

My mom, sister and I have been obsessing on a baby shower for my sister in law. She's due in July with a BOY! The invites go out sneak peek of our theme coming soon! I've been trying to post more regularly over at Haute Dates too...which is where I'll do the Baby Shower Sneak Peek later this week. What kind of party posts do you want to see in the future?

Happy Monday everyone!


Ashley said...

Yay for more of your recipes!!! After commenting I'm heading over there for some ideas for my menu plan for the week!
And I do believe I might have to join Bookswim!!! Genius idea!!!
Ugh..and don't get me started on the running slump. I am totally the same way...I can't seem to find time/energy for both running and crafting. Crafting has my attention right now which leaves me (same as you) feeling depressed about it. Blah. So here's to more running next week!!!
And LOVE the yellow bib necklace... it is FABULOUS!!!
Hope you're having a great Monday!

Tessa said...

Stopping by from SheyB ... I can't wait to check out Haute Plates - I really would love to be better at menu planning! :)

Amy said...

I would love to guest blog sometime....been trying out LOTS of new recipes lately which is great, but not good for the weight loss! ;-) I made your chicken tortilla soup recently and it was delish....anyhoo, I have a blog called and post tons of recipes all the time from apps to salads to soups to......everything! Love, love, love your blogs. Hope your crazy busy week has been productive ~ tomorrow is already Wednesday! You're almost halfway there! Cheers!

LauraC said...

Hey on the BookSwim thing, have you checked out PaperBackSwap? It is basically a book trading system. You list books you want to send to other people. Then when people request it, you mail it to them. In return, you get credits. You can either ask for books that are already in the system or create a wish list for books and they will email you when it's your turn for a book.

There is a wait for popular hardbacks but I ALWAYS have a pile of books on my shelf ready to read whenever I want. All free! (Or rather, $2.40 since that is the average price to ship a book Media Mail).

You can put your account on hold when you're on vacation so people can not request your books.

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