Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Little Things

So I spent ALL DAY Monday...
and Making Sense.

There was a lot of
Pancake Making. 
Puzzle Building.
and Rice Krispy Treating
in there too!

But swear on all that is Holy
I NEVER sat down from 8am-11pm!
And I can happily say that for about 9 hours
(cause the whole house was asleep!)
Everything was in it's place.

But by 8:03am Tuesday something was askew...
It drives me completely insane!
That this is my reality. 
But it also brings me PEACE.

Cause after almost 7 years as a "SHM"
I've come to know (and cherish)
The Little Things!
Not clean carpets or made beds or done dishes.

Things like finding this as I unloaded Megan's backpack Monday night.

Today is Molly's last day as a Preschooler. Kindergarten here she comes! We are headed to the park with a picnic after class to celebrate...SUMMER, friends, growing up, simple fun.
I hope your day is FULL of fabulous Little Things!

1 comment:

TDM Wendy said...

Sweet drawing. I love those!

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