Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of my all time favorite pictures ever

The ocean.
The sand.
The sun peeking thru the June Gloom.

The excitement in Wy's trot.
The proud gait in Mateo's walk.
The bucket left upturned when a little boy saw his Daddy.

The board.
Matt's calves.
Wy's mini-matt Quik boardshorts.

There was a {brief} time I tried to convince myself I was content without a SON.
I'm so glad God was smarter, louder, more persistent than me!
I could eat these two up.


LauraC said...

Love it!
Boys rule. Even when they are stinky and crazy.

Joanna said...

Awesome picture!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

LOVE. Frame that picture ASAP!

Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

Cuter than cute!

Sandy said...

AAHHH!! Love that picture! Frame it - they grow up too fast! You are blessed to have girls and a boy!

Aubs said...

so much cuteness and awesomeness in one picture. LOVE it! {& yes..boys RULE!} =)

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