Monday, September 13, 2010

I've come to terms...

My mac took a dive at the beginning of Summer.
I was sad.
But my gracious, sweet, ever pleasing husband brought home his work computer for me to use while class wasn't in session.
So I've been surviving.
Even if it is a PC.

At first I was very respectful.
Saving pics to an external drive.
Logging out everytime I signed into Google or Hotmail or Blogger.

But slowly...that waned.
I think there are at least 25 different picture folders now.
An entire folder titled "Reina" that holds everything else I want to bookmark.
It's even my iGoogle home page that comes up when you get online.
Pretty much, I just took the thing over.

And Matt hasn't really said much.
He's let me have my way with the thing.
Except for when he logs on to read his Gmail....
And this comes up.

I've come to terms with my tween obsessions.
Miley, being one.
But alas, Mateo has not...He cringes everytime!
I think this better go before he takes the computer back to class.
His football and surfer boys might give him some trouble if they saw it!
Whadda ya think?
Apple store, here I come.

1 comment:

JulzVP said...

my apple too is slowly but surely coming to its end... and it will be a long time before another one comes my way... I'm going to have to be ok with a PC for a while I am afraid

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