Saturday, September 18, 2010

Munch is THREE! {Almost}

Saturday mornings during Football season, when Daddy has to work, we "breakfast" at Grammie and Papa's. Papa is world famous for his pancakes, and today (three days before Wyatt turns 3) Papa went over the top! Papa usually makes Mickey cakes. And we love them. Eat the ears first, love them. But today, in Wyatt's honor, he made something even better than Mickey! We still ate the ears first, but today they were GREEN!

As you can see, the Birthday Boy was OVER THE MOON! He is a Star Wars Spaz. Carries his talking, stuffed R2-D2 everywere. Even to pancake breakfasts.

I mistakenly called this an X-Wing fighter.
I was almost disowned. 
"Mom! It's a Tie-Fighter! Hello?!" 
he sassily said as he peared thru the middle of it. 

More Birthday surprises...we got to spend the morning with our baby cousin Elliott!

And Megan enjoyed grossing us all out with her ALMOST lost tooth.

But the BEST surprise of all??!!
Aunt Kate is HERE!!
Wyatt's party tomorrow is going to rock!

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