Monday, September 20, 2010

Winner(s)!'s seriously taken me FOREVER to get around to annoucing the winner of my Haute Blue B launch giveaway. And for that, I apologize! But Saturday, I finally had my ever talented, never biased, own personal "Random Number Generator" pick a winner. And since I took so long, I only found it fair, that she pick twice!

All names went in my GG's Ball canning jar.

Sometimes 3 or 4 times each...depending on how faithfully you "spread the BUZZ!"
(lots of practice for these kindergarten and 1st grade fingers!)
And then Megan drew the winners! Drum Roll Please....

Email me ( with your addresses so you can watch for some HauteBlueB love in the mail soon! Thanks everyone, for your patronage and participation!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

EEEe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!! :) :) :)
Can't wait! Sending you my address now :)

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