Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teenage Dream

A couple weeks ago Matt had to go back to to his classroom to work on Progress Reports late at night.
I took it as an opportunity to catch up on Y&R (close captioned so I could still listen to my iPod)
And sing MILEY, Katy, Taylor, Wilson (as in Phillips), Belinda, GaGa, Madge and Gwenyth at the top of my lungs and sew.
(Yes...Gwenyth sings. When it's with Hewey, me loves! CLICK HERE for proof. But just 'cause you marry Coldplay and name your kids after fruit does NOT = Rockstar career! My vote on last night's CMA performace is still OUT! Your thoughts??)
Moving on.

As I was "singing," I was moved to send Mateo the following text.

"I'm SO HOT I'll melt your popsicle!"

He replied with:

" sent that to ME. You meant to do that, right?!"

I doubled over in laughter.
Cause his response was DEAD ON Matthew.
The kid might be my "Teenage Dream"....
but he has NO IDEA that the text I sent him was lyrics from a song.
(he's more Alman Bros than he is KIIS FM!)
He also has NO IDEA that he is the HOTTEST thing I've ever seen since I was 18 years old.

(and a MILLION other reasons)
are why I love him.

Should I begin to list??
his teeth
his delts
his heart
how he protects me
and US
and our children
his drive
his smarts
his faith
his hands
his eyes
his work ethic
his ethics
his strength
his laugh
his name
(it was what I named my cabbage patch kid when I was 8)
his heart
his smell
his support
his bod in uniform
his dance skills
his ability to make me matter
when it's SO EASY to lose myself in everything else
his athleticism
his desire
his knowledge of genus phylum species
his teeth
(wait...did I say that already?!)
his clothes
his patience
his dedication
his arms
(how they wrap around me and melt the crazies away)
his ability to put up with my CRAZY!

I love you. More than you know. More than I can show.
More than I can blog.
or write.
or list.

I could list til kingdom come.
And it would still be an incomplete compilation of what my heart feels for you.
We are unique.
And we know that.
But life still gets big and busy.
Crazy and chaotic.
So much more than we need.
So much more than we expected.
So much more than we know what to do with.
And yet without you...I'd have no idea where to begin.

We run in circles.
You and Me.
Us 2.
Us 5.
We run in waves and barrels and wipeouts.
Routes and conversions and X's and O's.
Drop offs and pick ups.
Conferences and pageants.
Stolen kisses...
and showers...
and 30 second snuggles.

But it's all good.
Cause at the end of every crazy day...
we have each other.
And HIM.
and them.

Happy Birthday Lover.
Today you are 35!!
"You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream.
The way you turn me on.
You and I, we'll be young forever.
My heart stops when you look at me."


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!!! And for a little giggle, can I say that he's older than me by 3 days!!! Yay Scorpios!

Joanna said...

Beautiful! You two are built to last.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

You two are the CUTEST. Happy (belated) birthday Matt!

Bert Bell said...

What a beautiful post! Made me cry while reading it. Never lose that passion you have for one another. Continue to see each other as a hero, even if the other's actions don't seem to warrant or merit the hero status. You make me hopeful for one more shot at love, marriage and getting it right. Hugs and blessings dearest Burns!

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