Monday, November 08, 2010

Among other things...

I went from this:

to this, this weekend!

I do not consider my self a vain person. Or even a girly girl. I hardly ever wear makeup. My hair is in a (dirty) ponytail 6 out of 7 days a week. Clothes are an after thought. I can't remember the last time I got a manicure or pedicure.

But the girl who's colored my hair for years - a FAB woman who comes to my house and fits into my schedule (AKA naptime) - also does hair extensions. I've wanted to try them for over a year, but never took the plunge. I always hemmed and hahhed over the cost, the time, the care and upkeep. Hello! I stay home and play with 7 kids all day. I DO NOT need Victoria's Secret hair!

So last week, when she came over to banish my "Black Stripe," she talked me into it. Basically made it too good not to try by doing it all at her cost! I figured, what the hey. Let's try it! Um...I think I'm in love.

They were heavy at first. But now, 2 days into them, feel normal. And you know what? Victoria's Secret hair is FUN. Even if you do stay home and play with kids all day!

I wanted to share with you my new "do"....but all this talk about hair feels silly to me! Now it's time to get back to things that really matter. (FYI - hair is NOT one of them!)

November is National Orphan Care Month. 
What are you doing for the 141 MILLION orphans in this world? Adoption isn't the only way to make a difference in an orphan's life.  Check out my girlfriend Love's post on easy, awesome, fun (some even fashionable!) ways you can help. I can personally recommend Krochet KidsHope Suds and 31 Bits. Love, use and wear them any chance I get! And y'all know how I feel about Charity:Water.

(PS - Fellow OC residents...Krochet Kids and 31 Bits are LOCAL! Two companies started by young men and women with hearts for Africa and the Lord, right here in Orange County! Both are featured in Locale Magazine's Holiday issue. Keep your eyes open for it. It's available in most coffee shops, stores and restaurants about town. FUN!)


Ashley said...

I LOVE THEM! now I'm super jealous! How did she put them in? And how do you take care of them? And how long do they last?!

Marcie T said...

Very nice! I, on the other hand, just made the other radical change -- chopping off all my hair for Locks of Love. There's really something about hair - growing it or cutting - that's so liberating, don't you think?

JulzVP said...

Your hair looks amazing! I think that I know how you feel cause I got a spray tan for my brother's wedding. I never ever EVER do anything like that, but I really loved it! Maybe extensions are next!

Enjoy the locks!

love said...


i really, really love long hair. and you're does matter even if it's just at home all day with 7 kids!

thank you for sharing my post & speaking up for these precious children!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Um, hey supermodel - you look ridonculous!! (In the best possible way!) LOOOOVE it!! And I'm going to check out those sites now. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo!

Lo said...

Hey sexy.... J/K not a stalker. Julie sent me over here because I was so rudely asking her if her amazing hair was fake. She told me no but said yours was ;) I have been in the market for extensions but worried because I have thin hair. Can you give me the deets pretty please????

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