Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Week of THANKS - Holly Devlin

"A Week of THANKS" premise is this: Giving thanks for one's blessings on Thanksgiving is traditional. But feeling grateful every day is an attitude and a way of experiencing life. One of my goals is to cultivate this attitude in myself and my children more and more. I figure, what better way to learn how to do this, than from some of you? Daily readers I admire so much!

Today I am excited to introduce you to Holly Devlin. She and I have become friends through our blogs and shops. And we really live quite close to each other, so I think it's time we planned a meet up! Holly's blog, Mommy Holly, is one of my simple joys. It's always clean, crisp and cheery. And the way this girl celebrates always inspires me! Her decorations, her vintage paper touches, I love it all! I also love how she purposefully makes life beautiful for her and her son. And the relationship she shares with her mom and sister also warms my heart. (Cause I can relate!) I hope you enjoy getting to know Holly as much as I have.

How do you try and give thanks every day?
I try to be thankful for little things.  I think appreciating small things in the everyday is a lovely way to give thanks on a regular basis.  Whether it is being thankful for clouds & rain, my son's smile and laughter, or a little Etsy sale, there are things I give thanks to everywhere. :)

What do you take for granted that you might express more thanks for?
How lucky my family and I are.  Good health, a happy life, and we have each other.  That is so much more than many people have, and I think I forget to remember how extremely lucky I am to have the life I do. :)

What attributes do you posses that you are most thankful for?
Creativity and optimism. :)  {Notice the abundance of smiley faces in my posts?!}  I like to see the good in things.

Who has treated you with kindness or generosity, and how would you like to thank that person?
My parents are an ever-steady source of generosity and kindness for me.  Being a single mother, I rely on them for a lot, and I am so very thankful to have them in my life. :)  Thank you, mom & dad, for extending your hands whenever I need you.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition?
This is such a funny question, because every year, we ask "What should we do for Thanksgiving?!"  We grew up going to my aunt's house every turkey day, and so I never associated Thanksgiving with my own home.  Last year, we were in Las Vegas for the holiday. :)  But now that we are adults, we are bringing things full circle and celebrating at our home now.  I am looking forward to making a pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, and skipping the turkey {vegetarian over here!}.  Thanksgiving traditions in the making, possibly?! :)

Thank You Holly! I love that you are beginning your own Thanksgiving traditions! And while I'm not a vegetarian, the turkey is usually the last thing I pile on my plate. I love all the fall vegetable side dishes! ;)

Be sure and visit Holly's Etsy Shop! It is FULL of vintage inspired paper tags and embellishments. I tie her tags on everything - birthday presents, teacher thank yous, hostess gifts. I've even included them in the kids lunches a time or two!  Follow Holly on Twitter too for notices about her latest shop additions, discounts and giveaways!

This year is the first year the Burnses are hosting T-Day at our home. There will be 21 Turkeys around our table - all our brothers and sisters and EVERY cousin in one place!! I'm so excited. Holly made me THESE to use as placecards. I'm gonna stamp eveyone's name on them and tie them to some wheat. {Love}

PS - The kids and I made Pumpkin Pie Playdough today.
The bald baby in the pictures made me SIGH.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Holly is a delight and so are you, Erin! I love this blogging idea!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Holly is just adorable! Andrew you are too :)


Erin, I LOVE your tag line "Keep calm and bake pies" oh yeah baby!!

mommyholly said...

Thank you, Erin, for posting this! It was so much FUN! :) And yes, high time we plan a get-together, lady!! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!
xoxox Holly

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I'm new to Holly's blog, but am really loving it! She is so cute!!

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