Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What I Whipped Up Wednesday

It's 11:03PM.
So I am making it JUST under the wire....
for what I had in mind for the blog today.
It's called "What I Whipped Up Wednesday."
Hosted by my "local OC girl" Kimmie of Sugar and Dots!

And YES.
It's still Wednesday.
So, without further ado, I give you what I whipped up!
Bridal Bling.

That Bride is HAUTE!
She is officially (as of last Friday)
Unofficially (as of the the last 8 years of my life!)
My Sister in Law!!

I couldn't be happier.
She's Super HAUTE.
And fun. And sweet. And silly. And creative.
(Um....her name is Erin!)
enuf said.

More of the Bling.
Close Up.
The HAUTE Bride on my cell.
Fixing a SNAFU.
(love the multi-messy braids!)
The silk/tulle/feather/bling AWESOME in her hair?
Made by ME!
Errr...I mean, Whipped Up.
You can buy it HERE!

More pics of the wedding coming soon...
For get this:
Remember THIS post?

This little girl has had my heart for awhile.
For many reasons.
For the LIFE she brought me on April 14th to be exact.

For today...
She's made two of the many pieces of my heart...
become ONE!

Their (those three) Love... is Meant To Be!
My love for HER is beyond my control.
My love for THEM is because of who they are.

CONGRATS Graber Family!
So happy to have another Erin in the bunch.
For Good.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

HAUTE is right!!! Love it! I am going to send this to my little sister to see if she wants one for her wedding day. Great job, talented! And, love your sister in law's dress!

Peters said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple. The groom is pretty HAUTE too (although I guess I am a bit biased). He gets major THUMBS UP from his big sister. Married the perfect girl...check. Has become a super daddy...check. Is a true romantic at heart (surprise wedding ring BLING and tear jerking, touching, and humorous poem)...CHECK! I love both my "Erin SIL's." Congrats Teej and Erin.

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

Love this. LOVE. For like, a gazillion reasons. You are SO talented, Erin! Def my fave item from last week's linky! I'll be featuring this post on Wednesday. xoxo

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