Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Eclipse on the Lawn

Last Saturday, Eclipse was released on DVD.
Of course, I bought the Collector's Edition.
Complete with play by play commentary by RPatz & KStew.
And of course, I hosted a party that night.
An Eclipse viewing party.
On The Lawn.
(Me and my "Lawn" are good friends. I'm a little bit obsessed.)

Think 40 degree weather,
a huge screen hanging from the big tree in our front yard,
THIS hot chocolate,
lawn chairs and wool blankets,
chocolate fondue,
the fire pit,
and great girlfriends!

Oh yes...and Christmas lights all around.
Wrapping the tree, lining the fence, surrounding the house.
'Cause Mateo is also known as Clark Griswold.

Tell me that picture doesn't make you go "EEEEK!"

The Candlelit Tablescape

I made Chocolate Fondue with a tower of sweet treats to dip. Vanilla Meringues, Lady Fingers, Rice Krispy Treats, Butter Cookies, Waffle Cone Chips, Peppermint Joe Joe's, and Almond Biscotti!
(if you don't know what Peppermint Joe Joe's are...you are missing OUT!)

And since I'm not a huge fan of Chocolate...the Vanilla Creme Puffs & fresh strawberries were for me.

 Hostess With The Mostess has some awesome FREE printables that I put into glossy black frames. LOVE this one for the beverages.
And these drink labels. She used them on water bottles and red Izzy drinks.
But I used them for bottles of red wine after soaking off the real labels in some hot water.

I also had to have this one, Jacob's quote from page 600, cause as far as I'm concerned, it pretty much sums up the entire 2,458 page saga. 

Loved that quote so much, I turned it into a party favor. Eclipse themed Christmas Ornaments! I made a fabric label of Jacob's quote and "Eclipse on the Lawn" and sewed it onto some red dupioni. Then I stuffed it inside a clear globe ornament along with strips of the actual book pages of Eclipse!

I also had to include the pillow PolkadotMoon made me for her Twilight Swap way back when. To think our friendship started with a swap?! I love you Denise!

This night wouldn't have been possible without Mateo. Afterall he's the technical one. You think I could figure out how to project a DVD onto a tree screen? Let alone hang it from the tree in the first place? NO! He even scrubbed the toilets and vacuumed the carpets while I obsessed on the ornaments and treats. Then he pressed "play,"  kissed me, and proceeded to book, bath, and bed all 3 kids. All on a Saturday night. He's My Own personal Brand of Heroin.

My world has been more rain than sunshine for the past couple of weeks.
For reasons I can't even put into words.
But at the end of the day... 
whether they be dark
or bright.
This man gets me.
Through the day.
Through the rain.
Through the monotony.
Through the questions and expectations and reality adjustments.

This man.
Gets me.
And I love him.


LauraC said...

Hey Erin, sorry to hear you have hit a rough patch. I hope you get more sunshine over the coming days/weeks/months.

Thanks for helping make my 2010 awesome.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I had a fabulous time at your par-tay. You are a fabulous hostess. My mom was impressed when I told her about your set-up. I understand about rough patches, we've all been there, wait I am there.

TDM Wendy said...

I have not read Twilight, seen Twilight, or really cared to . . . sorry. But I just wanted to say that I am really happy for you and your Twilight screening on the lawn. Looks like fun!

{cuppakim} said...

THIS is SOOOO awesome! I love it! We did something similar too - Jess made muddy buddies - except dyed the chocolate red, and used red glitter sugar - I forget what she called them - vampire buddies? :)

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