Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wyatt's First Share

Last week, Wyatt had his first share day at Preschool. On "share day" you get to bring snack, be the line leader, pick the songs at circle time, and talk into the microphone for the weather report. You also get 15 minutes at the end of class to sit up front and share your favorite things. Matt ran across the street on his lunch break and was able to catch share time too. It was so fun for us to see Wyatt get to do something he's watched his sisters do time and time again. He was so proud and so excited! He chose to share all of his Toy Story toys. SHOCKER! There were 11 in all. (That's why he's holding up his two pointer fingers in one of the pictures!)

Other highlights of the day? Wyatt wanted to wear his favorite t-shirt, the T-Rex one he got for his birthday from cousin Elliott. His special request for snack? String Cheese, apples, apple juice, Goldfish, and brownies. I of course oblidged...baking scratch brownies the night before at midnight! Non-Highlight of the day? Duke eating ALL the brownies off the kitchen counter when we took the girls to school that morning. Daddy saved the day by picking up store bought (ick) ones on his way home from Surf Team that morning!

His toothy smile is my favorite.


The Drysdale Family said...

That's my favorite pic too...especially with the little girl crying behind him...OH PRESCHOOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

So basically you are saying that the dog ate Wyatt's homework . . . hmmm, where have I heard that excuse before ?!? Betsy

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