Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

The theme for December's Supper Club was "A Victorian Christmas."
We all had so much fun together.
Enjoying the food, the new recipes, the old friendships and laughter.
Maybe a little girl fun/costuming/glee karaoke-ing craziness was in there too.
It was a night that will bring a smile to my face for a long time!

It was my turn to bring the cocktail.
When I googled "Victorian Christmas Cocktail" all I found was a Traditional English Punch that involved soaking sugar with Rum and then setting the whole thing on FIRE.
Considering I'm the biggest klutz ever, I did not think alcohol and fire were a good mix for me.
So...I went with Pomegranate Martinis and rimmed the glass with green (non-flaming) sugar instead.

Accompanying our martinis, we enjoyed Oysters on the Half Shell

and Warm Brie En Croute as appetizers.

Emily was our hostess, and her tablescape was fabulous and festive!

I love how she incorporated Dicken's theme of "Past, Present & Future" in our party favors.

Past = antique tea cups and saucers.
Present = the tiny present.
Future = glass Christmas ornament filled with a red slip of paper on which we each wrote our biggest wish for 2011.

Dinner was amazing! Almost as pretty as it was tasty.

Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding

Baked Brussels Sprouts

And Courtney's dessert was completely over the top.
White Chocolate Raspberry Triffle
(the ladyfingers were soaked in Chambord!)

Looking back at these pictures, it's obvious to me I have a wonderful, beautiful life.
And girlfriends!
(Me, Shawna & Courtney)

February is my turn to play hostess!
I've picked "Spanish Tapas" as our theme.
Looking forward to the Fiesta!

(simultaneously posting today over at my "Party Blog" Haute Blue B)


Ashley said...

ERIN! Seriously that looks like such fun!!!!!!!!
And THANKYOU for the Christmas card! It made my day :) :) :)
How are the extensions working out? I've been dying to get some myself! How did the girl put them in?

Polka Dot Moon said...

Fun, fun, fun! More now than ever do I want to be your neighbor!!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Oh my goodness, so FUN! I wish I lived closer so I could be a part of your supper club!!

Courtney said...

Is it weird that your blog post made me tear up? SUCH a fun night...well, from what I remember, ha ha. Love you and thanks for making me smile today because I am one LUCKY lady to have such wonderful women in my life. Ok, enough to work!


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