Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Molly's Birthday Storyboard

I told you I obsessed all weekend, right? And I promised more party inspiration storyboards, correct?....So here's the next one!

Our MollyB was born on February 15th. I remember having strong contractions on Valentine's Day and thinking "please don't come today...please don't come today!" Even if it was just one day later...I wanted her to be born on a day that was all her own. Not shared with a holiday. Funny now, cause here we are planning a Valentine themed 6th Birthday party. This is the storyboard I developed to get both of us excited!

Molly's Vintage Valentine Birthday

And here's the invite I designed using
Love that I can upload it to Shutterfly and have personalized invitations for $.15 each!

It's going to be just little girls. We have a "family rule" that once you are of age to have a party where guests are dropped off, you get to invite as many friends to your party as you are years old (but siblings don't count!) This way everyone has FUN, including Mommy! We plan on decorating Valentines, playing some games and tickling our sweet tooth at a candy & dessert bar.

Drawing my dessert & candy bar design inspiration from the fabulous Amy Atlas. Check out #27 in her portfolio. How cute is that table? Die. Mols and Me are still undecided on favors...but thinking something along the lines of a little make-up bag filled with a Valentine's hair clip, lip smacker lip gloss and red candy lips! So...any Valentine's links you love that I just can't live without seeing? Please share! After all...I've still got a few more weeks til the party to obsess ;-)


Polka Dot Moon said...

You're amazing. That's it. :)

Amy{thosefunnylittlegirls} said...

The dollar section at our Target had a lot of cute Valentine themed items. My daughter's 9th birthday is on Feb 16th. Her theme is "Peace, Love & Cupcakes".

carlisle clan conversation... said...

You are such a fun Mommy! I saw (can't remember where) cute rings made out of conversation hearts. Not sure if you would wanna do it as a craft or ship them up ahead of time for goodie bags.

Future Mama said...

This is SO cute!!!

Much love,
Future Mama

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Adorable! My younger sister's birthday is Feb 7th and for EVERY SINGLE birthday from age 1 until 10 years old, my mom threw her a heart themed birthday party. We joke about it now because it is so funny she had the same theme EVERY year, but there is so much cute Valentine's stuff out this time of year. Can't wait to see pictures & hear details of the party!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

you are officially my VIP fave party planner pro.
can I hire you?
Sophie just put in her request for her 5th birthday in March!
Rapunzel, just as I had predicted :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Oh my, Erin!! I can't wait to see pictures of this party. So cute!

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