Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These Are A Few Of Our

Favorite Things!

Since today is 1/11/11, I figured I should have some kind of mind blowing, life changing, make the world better, soul searching kind of post.  Um yeah...don't have one of those up my sleeve right now. But I think this one is just as good. It's one of my favorite "re-occurring" posts I do each year!

A few Januarys ago I started a tradition where at the start of each year, I ask the kids for answers as to what their favorite things are and then write them down. I think it's so fun to see what changes and what stays the same as they grow. Following are the exact words that came out of their mouths after I asked each question. The pictures were taken this morning before school. (Isn't picnik.com's "Eye Bright" tool awesome?!) I told each of them to just "Give Mommy a nice smile." Apparently, Wyatt thinks nice = frame my face with my hands! I had to laugh out loud.

Megan, age 7
Color: Black...and I guess still Turquoise too!
Food: Cinnamon Rolls or those Butter Noodles that you make
Drink: Water
Dessert or Treat: Frozen Yogurt
Toy: my DS
TV Show: Good Luck Charlie or House of Inubis
Game to play: SpongeBob Marbles on the iPad
Car: White Convertible Bug
Friend: Paige DeCinces
Song: The song at the start of Big Time Rush
Thing to do with Daddy: Snuggle with him
Thing to do with Mommy: Read books
About Molly: She has my talent, She likes to chase boys. (no joke...straight from her mouth!)
About Wyatt: He always plays with me no matter what.
About School:I have the best teacher ever! (Mrs. Lori Bell)
When I grow up I want to be: A gymnast in the olympics

Molly, almost 6
Color: Turquoise or Black
Food: Sushi! Any Sushi!
Drink: Trader Joe's Blood Orange Juice
Dessert or Treat: Kit Kat
Toy: my DS
TV Show: iCarly or Big Time Rush
Game to play: Super Mario Bros on my DS
Car: Yellow Bug with the top that goes down
Friend: Karsen Doyle (neighbor down the street, these 3 are inseparable!)
Song: Ice Cream Freeze (from the Hannah Montana soundtrack)
Thing to do with Daddy: Snuggle with him
Thing to do with Mommy: Make food in the kitchen
About Megan: Everything
About Wyatt: When he comes and snuggles in bed with me in the morning
About School: learning centers and eating lunch with Megan
When I grow up I want to be: A teacher or make clothes 

Wyatt, 3 years
Color: Blue
Food: Wheat Thins
Drink: Apple Juice
Dessert or Treat: Cookies
Toy: My At-At
TV Show: Spiderman
Game to play: colors
Car: Mommy's car
Friend: Owen Price
Song: "Duhnt duhnt da da da DAAAA duhnt, da da da DAAAA duhnt, da da da DUHNT!" (he sang the Star Wars Theme)
Thing to do with Daddy: dart guns
Thing to do with Mommy: snuggle
About Megan: when she plays with me
About Molly: when she plays with me
About School: snack and paint
When I grow up I want to be: No one. Just Wyatt.


JulzVP said...

I hope he forever wants to be no one... just Wyatt.

What a great idea! Those will be really fun to look back at. I wonder what I was thinking back then...

Life With the Crazies said...

So precious! I am going to do this with my kids tomorrow. What a fun keepsake!

Polka Dot Moon said...

So cute to read! Out of the mouths of babes :)

P.S. I'm now humming the Star Wars theme; as soon as I saw the words ;)

Mariah said...

great idea! love it.

Amy said...

So cute! Love Molly's choice of cars.....my first car was a yellow 68 VW convertible bug! ;-)

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Love this, love their answers, LOOOVE their eyes!

Marta @ Haus of Girls said...

adorable Erin!
What a fab idea!

Lauren said...

What a cute post! I love it. Very creative..

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Such a sweet post!

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