Tuesday, January 04, 2011


After much consideration, I've settled on one sole resolution this year.
I've resolved not to make any big resolutions.

As a direct result of having unrealistic expectations of myself and my time...
And cloudy lines between my needs and wants and wishes and hopes...
The last few months of 2010 left me feeling like I was constantly letting people,
including myself,

And that sucked!

So this year I want to just live.
Really BE in each day.
Experiencing what it is God blesses me with that day.
My children, my health, my sweet husband.
My location, my faith, my creativity.
A book, a recipe, a photograph.

I don't want to spend each day anxious over making and checking off lists.
I don't want to wake feeling tired and go to bed unable to sleep. 
I don't want to obsess today on what will most likely still need to be done tomorrow.
I don't want my sense of pride and accomplishment to come from things like
The laundry.
A blog post.
Things in their place.
A number on the scale.

Instead I 'm just going to BE. 
Mind you, I'm not just a feather in the wind!
Being ME means goals of course.
I do want to gain, and grow, and go.
But in order to be my BEST me, I've discovered I must let go of the big resolutions.
Cut them out completely and leave no room for feeling
and pretty much all together pissed off.

So I resolve to be resolute-less in 2011.
My "goal" is to be my best self.
Who knows what that will mean day by day.

Today it was deciding on the best things to put in our mouths this week.
Ones that also inspired my senses and my love of cooking - then shopping for it all.
Today it was sharing lunch and laughter and CHAOS with two dear girlfriends.
Today it was knowing I am better when I run.
And making that a priority again.
Today it was listening to my heart.

I'm excited to listen and learn, feel and find, what it will mean tomorrow!
And next week.
And especially, almost a year from now.
Happy NEW Year!


LauraC said...

Yes yes yes.


Tonya said...

amen to that sister...I feel like this year is about growing up and realizing that it really does go by in a blink of the eye...and the reality is...not many people notice the things we stress about (like clean laundry...i mean...who sees that?)...now is the time to cuddle, enjoy and make lots of love to our men (yes I went there), cherish the little hands that still want to hold ours, smile in the mirror more, run to feel good, and s.l.o.w. down...checking things off lists...just makes more room for more things on the lists..hahaha...you know what I am trying to say...just, i hear ya...enjoy your beautiful life :)

Allison said...

Erin! I love it! You are a constant inspiration to me. The goal of being present in the day is so so important. I am working on that myself and I can't even tell you how much more I am enjoying each day. Rather then thinking about what is coming next I just let go and stay in the moment. Happy New Year my dear friend.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Ditto! Love it! Love your words; they speak to me loud and clear :)

Mariah said...

so powerful. I love it! A friend recently said to me, "enjoy your life." It was the simpliest, yet most profound thing anyone has said to me lately. I carry it with me every day. It is my resolution... to just enjoy the simple yet magestic part of my every day life. Not yearning for more, or better, or change, just enjoying what it is. Wonderful. Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

DITTO!! I love that quote by Lord Buckley - may have to print it up.

LOVE YOU, friend!

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