Tuesday, February 08, 2011

January's Door

I am in charge of decorating Megan's classroom door every other month. The first few assignments were easy enough with relatively clear cut "themes." September = first day of school, apples, buses, books. November = turkeys, pilgrims, leaves, pumpkins.

But then we came to January. I still thought it was easy enough - SNOW, snowflakes, sledding, cold! But Megan did not like that idea. Their December door had been Snowmen. So anything to do with snow was out of the question in her book. Already been done. 

Hmmm....so what else is special about January that you can portray on an classroom door?

Resolutions? Do first graders make resolutions?...
Father Time? Megan said the idea sounded like a baby shower.

Then at the last minute (like the door was due the following morning!) while cleaning up and sorting away Christmas decorations, (I organize by color in case I need the decorations for another event during the year) I was about to put up the white & silver box of decorations, and I had an AHA! moment!

Silver tinsel, silver glitter sticky foam paper, big silver globe ornament, silver stars....
It all came together to make THIS! What do you think?

Megan loved it. The kids in her class loved it. And as I was putting it up (with Megan by my side) a couple 6th graders walked by and said "Whoa! That is the coolest door ever!" I was immediately promoted to Cool Mom for the rest of the month =)

I'm already thinking about March...the foundation has asked we do a Nautical Theme to go with this year's fundraiser Gala that is that month. SAILORS, you ask?! Now that is something I can do!

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