Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Silly Hour

Is it SO astonishing, that yesterday, everyone here at BringingUpBurns was "OFF."
And in off, I mean...
A little punchy.
A little tired.
Quite quick to tears.
Quite quick to giving in.

To naps, to popsicles, to TiVo'd Nemo & Hannah Montana?
To timeouts, to separate corners, to wine & The Bachelor?

I want to blame yesterday's craziness on a silly lost hour.
I want to blame yesterday's craziness on Benjamin Franklin.
I really, really do.

But, there is something in me that knows yesterday's craziness has  a whole lot more to do with that hour, when we still had it.
than when we lost it!!

Last Friday Night.
Ahem....some of us are still catching up from the fun.

(I really hope shaking your booty at the camera looses its luster as my kids age!)

Ahhhhh, Slumber Parties!
The "Glory Days" of youth.
I feel Mateo and I are just brushing the surface of what is to come with our kids.
Toilet paper, ding dong ditched neighbors, frozen bras/underwear, pee'd beds, cranked called crushes.
I am happy THIS Saturday night, resulted in nothing more than lots of giggles.
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Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I had a vision of your future when I saw your daughters yesterday...it gave me anxiety...and smiles of course, lots of smiles...

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Tuesday was my massive meltdown day.

LOVE the slumber party pic....brings back memories!

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