Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sometimes I get bogged down in the mundane that is Motherhood.
The laundry.
The cooking
The cleaning.
The planning.

Sometimes, even, the joyful things can seem like chores.
The brushing of hair.
The reading of books.
The tucking in of sheets.
(especially when I am tired!)

Sometimes I wonder to myself,
"Is this what I went to school for?
Is this what I got a degree for?"
Surely I could be doing something greater with my time and talents than folding laundry and wiping bums!

Sometimes I feel very small.

But other times, it's this very smallness that brings me peace and purpose.
Because in my heart of hearts, I know, that nothing I am doing in my day to day is mundane.
It may be routine and it may be simple.
But it is great in the noblest of ways.
And surely, there is nothing greater I could be doing with my time and talents.



Amy said...

Oh man did you hit the nail on the head with how I've been feeling lately! Sometimes all we need is {one little moment} to remind us of why we're doin' what we're doin'! Well said. XOXO

Mariah said...

I totally and completely agree. After being gone all weekend, I realize how much I love being home. How important it is to me... and how I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Project Life has helped teach me to appreciate all those little things that happen every day. Looking back at the end of the year was such a treasure!

Aubs said...

i love you. and your heart. and this? is so very true ~ and i needed to be reminded that it is big! all that we do in our everyday is big to some very important little people! hugs!

love said...

for sure!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Awesome post. I've felt that way several times over the last four years, but after being gone a few days it made me realize just how much I looooove being home with my girls, and how blessed I am to get the opportunity to do so.

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