Thursday, July 07, 2011

Broke. With a Capital B.

Cause this was last week. Literally 7 days ago.

And this was tonight.
(yanked it bloody out, yes bloody, herself!)

Almost the same.
But not.
Hard to tell from the pics, but tonight's tooth was from the top.
(last week's from the bottom)
Her 9th!!
Can you tell she's elated?
Me too.
Sort of.
Didn't she just fit in my belly?
Didn't she??

She doesn't believe me.
Rolls her eyes.

Me too.
Rolling my eyes at the DOUGH placed under her pillow.

Rolling my eyes at the finger I (we) are wrapped around.

Rolling my eyes at life.
Exactly what I prayed for.
But scares the death out of me.
Too fast and so fun at the same time.
It's always gonna feel like this, huh?

With the punches.

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