Monday, December 12, 2011

3800 Munchies

Do you ever stop to think about it?

I went grocery shopping this weekend. 
I spent money on little water bottles for the kids lunch boxes.
I spent money on big water bottles for me.
I spend money every week for gallons of Sierra water to be delivered,
CLEAN and 
to my doorstep.

To my doorstep.

All this, when I have fresh, sparkling, clean and cold water
from faucets in my kitchen, my bathrooms, my garage, my yard, my fridge door.
For Pete's sake.

I even have a special, pricey "water belt" that allows me to easily carry water when I run.
Because Heaven forbid...I should ever be far from water. 
Without water. 

Clean Water.
Easily accessible, CLEAN WATER.
I take it so for granted.
So much so, I think nothing of spending money to have it in EXCESS.
All around me. At all times.

And this is just the water I drink.
What about all the other times I use water throughout the day?

I take a shower.
I brush my teeth.
The sprinklers go off even on a rainy day. 
I fill my "Adult Sippy." (a good 6 times a day!)
I water the Christmas tree.
I top off the pool.
I run the dishwasher. (twice)
I do a load of laundry. (or four)
I make ice.
I wash my hands.
I flush the toilet. (again and again)
I fill my iron.
Water + VIA packet = my 4pm sanity saved!
I rinse the salad greens.
I put a pot on to boil pasta.
3 meals a day, I tell my kids
"no juice, no soda...drink more water!"
I draw the kids a bath.
I tuck the kids into bed.
"Did you get a drink of water?! Good. Sweet Dreams."
I wash my face. (and let a good deal of water run down the drain waiting for it to warm)


Want to know something that will break your heart?

Today, almost 4300 people will DIE due to unsafe water.
3800 of these people will be children.
Under five years old.
3800 Munchies will DIE TODAY because they don't have clean water.

I can't even type that without breaking into tears.
Because each and every ONE
of those 3800
is somebody's Munchie.

I worry today about trees and toys and tinsel.
Cards and cookies and carols.
And somewhere...moms just like me, are worrying whether their Munchie will live or die.
Because of contaminated water.
It's just not right.

When I think about my family - our health, our home, our safety...
I have no worries.
I am so blessed.
I need nothing.

But those moms need me.
Those moms need US.
Let's do what we can to end their worry.
Let's do what we can to save their Munchies.

485 BILLION is spent on Christmas each year.
When just 10 billion could END the world water crisis.
Think of what could happen....

Project 320 is one of my passions, one of my true loves.
Visit the blog for giveaways benefiting Charity:Water all week.
And come back here to see the giveaway I will be hosting later today.
I hope you feel moved to join our efforts!

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

love what you wrote here friend. similar convictions about our accessible water. cheap. free. clean.
thanks for doing this. for Jesus. and the munchies.

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