Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Megan Juhl Rules

Hi this is Megan. Mom says to tell you our menu. This week I only want to have posta for dinner. I'm doing this because my mom broke her hand. Now I have to make my own breakfast. Me and Molly have been washing the dishes too. We had a Chineas new year party. And we still have the dragin up. Oh and I took this picture. Bye. Tomorrow Molly will do it.


{cuppakim} said...

hi megan! you do rule.
this is too cute! :)

keep us in the burns loop.
your fans need to know.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Megan, you did a FAB job! Tell mommy hello :)

P.S. all I want, pretty much every day is pasta too!! Denise

Amy said...

Yum! Pasta sounds delish...that is a favorite here with my kids, too!

I know your mama appreciates all your help since her hand is {on a break}! ;-) Sounds like you're doing a great job helping with the dishes and now blogging ~ you're a natural! Looking forward to Molly's post tomorrow...maybe we can squeeze one out of Wyatt, too! ;-)

By the way, great pic of the dragon! Have a good night. XO

LauraC said...

Hi Megan! So glad you can fill in for your mom!

Sarah Reid said...

Fantastic post Miss Megan! You are a born blogger :) Your mom is one lucky lady

JulzVP said...

You're amazing! And is Juhl your middle name? Cause if it is, that's an awesome name!
Thanks for posting on your mom's blog. We are missing her while her hand is hurt, but if you want to take over, that's great! I hope you do get pasta all week!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Great job, Megan!!! I wish I could have pasta all week too.

Give your mom a big hug from me!

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