Thursday, February 02, 2012

one handed randomness

i'm pretty much typing with one hand. so no shift keys. sorry. that right there is how close i can get to touching my fingers together. what the what am i supposed to do with that for the next 5-7 weeks??!!

all in all, right hand is doing well. pain is very little to none. kicked the pain meds on monday. but...cast is crazy annoying! thanks to aforementioned finger sitch...i can't hold anything. pen, fork, broom, hairbrush, toilet paper.....yeah. the left handed hygiene has been the most interesting. 

i went to the drybar on monday. because washing and blow drying my own hair is literally impossible. let's just say, i want to marry the drybar. never heard of the drybar? google it. one handed hyper linking not happening.  keep growing out the dark? pretend i totally planned this whole ombre thing? or go back to blonde? it's a constant conversation in my head.

mateo has been a complete saint. helping out around the house even more than he usually does. and the kids too. goes to show how much they really can do for themselves! but part of who i am is doing for them. so it's been an adjustment for me. attitude wise. expectations wise. 

suddenly it's february! superbowl. breaking dawn on dvd. valentine's day. mollyb's birthday. my daddy's birthday. the oscars. lots of pink and glitter and love. february pretty much rocks my socks. only thing resolution for this month was to write 29 love letters. hmmmmm....maybe 29 love emails will have to do. 29 love voice mails? if you're on my list of 29, you'll feel my love. i promise.

i'm currently obsessed with mat kearney's "count on me." lets be real, obsessed with the whole album. but these words {especially} are making me dance in my kitchen every morning. cracking and scrambling eggs one handed.

"you can count on me. when you cannot see. let me spell it out. plain and simple now. when your number's called. back's against the wall. picking you up when you fall. be there when you call."

yep. its perfect love put to words and wrapped up in the funnest song ever. its my theme song. for all of lover-ly february.

i think that's all the randomness i have for you for now. except this. a tweegram i made yesterday after my daily dose of tabloid reading in the AM.

i don't even know where or what to say about that. except that it's like the best groundhog day joke ever. somehow i don't think jen is laughing. if it's true, whoa. brad pitt should win the oscar for sure. double sets of twins. naturally? that's some money balls if ever i heard of 'em.
(cuppa said it first.)


Laurie J said...

hello pg-13 post today ;) lol.

{cuppakim} said...

killing me with the crude humor shoutout ;)

hahaha. thank goodness you can't hyperlink.

there are benefits to the one handed blogging.

your drybar look is hot.
loving the ombre.
own it.
rock it.

you are too funny. keep the texts coming.

Susan said...

Love me some magazines too! I am dying to read that article now-- Demi's on the cover of People this week. AGAIN.

Also, we are kindred spirits because I love me some Mat Kearney. Esp. Count on Me. Yes!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Haha!! Moneyballs fo sho!

Love you, friend. I'm sad about your thumb. PS - your hair looks fierce.

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