Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister, Sister

These two have been especially on my heart this past week.
They seem to be growing up right before my eyes.
Which in reality, I know is the case.
But it's felt as though they have been on fast forward lately.
Their faces and hairstyles and nail polish colors and music...
The diaries they've both started keeping...
The conversations that stop when I walk into their room...
Their competition and curt remarks, only rivaled by their loyalty and love...

I read a book last week that made me think of what's ahead for these two.
Think of their dynamic of being sisters so close in age and the experiences they will share.
It made me happy they have each other.
It made me want to foster their friendship even more.
Did I tell you these two get to go to the American Idol Finale Wednesday?
They are sooo excited. Mom's a little bit jealous.

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