Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits and a menu plan

The Tidbits (aka: randomness floating about my head today)

1. Miley at the Billboard Music Awards - Ahem. Girlfriend had better have worn underwear. I get that she likes to assert that she's no longer 'Disney'...but whoa. I loved the shoes and liked the blazer, but the braless cleavage was a little much for me. I don't find it sexy. I find it trying too hard. While her vampy hair completed the look, it was not my favorite. I'm pretending her hair was the same as this night. By far, my fave.

2. I'm working on the photo prompts and graphic for #JunePhoto366 today. Creating and participating in this year long challenge has been so fun for me. April and I have become great friends...we even GOT TO MEET! and I enjoy that the commitment makes me take a few minutes each day to focus on the beautiful and fun in my life.

June PhotoADay

3. Since I've been so out of the blogging scene the past few months, I just today saw that two of my parties were featured on Tip Junkie! Keep Calm & Break Dawn is at the top of the party page, and Wyatt's Star Wars birthday party was on her list of Top 27 Star Wars Parties online. Fun for me. I'm still pretty partied out from Gala...but Megan's 9th has been popping up in the back of my chaos.

homemade crafts

4. One month from today is the kids last day of school! I am excited for Summer...and Sunday Fundays...and Messy Days...and Bucket Lists. Memorial Day weekend is always the weekend we start grilling and eating outside almost every night and spending HOURS in the pool. I can't wait. Thinking we should celebrate with some strawberry sangria and fancied up ice cream sandwiches or something...and I REALLY need to get my tomato plants in the ground! This weekend for sure.

5. I have a bunch of recipes to blog! For Mother's Day I made a Meyer Lemon-Strawberry icebox cake that turned out super yummy. And last week, I made a steak and egg salad for dinner one night. The kids were not so impressed, but Matt and I enjoyed it. I hope to get the recipes up this week. 

6. ABC is saving me from my Hart of Dixie withdrawls. The Bachelorette...every season I swear I'm not going to watch. But it's like a train wreck...I can't help but look. And Rookie Blue. Oh yes...it's back on this Thursday night. Andy & Swarek better not mess this up. 

6. Cannes. Well really, just Kristen at Cannes. On The Road premieres tomorrow, which means red carpet fun...and June Elle came out yesterday (I snatched it right up.) This past week, she's been promoting SWATH all over the globe and knocking my socks off. UK and MEXICO photocalls have been my two favorite looks so far. Her hair is beyond. And I could eat those yellow shoes for dinner. And I'm obsessed with fuchsia lipstick right now...even more so on her. Excited to see what she shows up in tomorrow. I crossing my fingers for flow-y, jewel toned fabulousness...one of these Elle Saab's would put me over the top. We shall see...we shall see...

{source for all three dresses}

Here's what will be on our table this week:

Monday - Kielbasa chicken kabobs with rice and fresh pineapple
Tuesday - Ham steaks with sugar snap peas and scallop potatoes
Wednesday - Girls are headed to the American Idol Finale!!! And Mateo has Open House. So Munch and I will probably get take-out. I'll vote sushi, he'll vote Happy Meal. If I'm lucky, we'll get both.
Thursday Mexican crockpot chicken over creamy polenta
Friday - I host Supper Club! I picked "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives" as the theme. I'm making traditional Patty Melts for the main course and serving them up in red plastic baskets with dill pickle spears.


LauraC said...

I figured I would email you today but knew you would never check your email!

I had a dream last night that I came to the OC to photograph your family. It was this super vivid dream. At the end of the shoot, I made you and Mateo get in the water at the beach at sunset. You guys kissing each other, sunset behind you, all the other kids in the water surrounding you, watching. It was in B&W, it was EPIC.

I hope I can see in the future because that would be awesome to shoot that.

{cuppakim} said...

okay.... soooo
I was gonna text you to get your opinion on the miley sitch.
i agree 100% with your assessment.
love her. but i feel like she should have taken beyonce's mom's approach.
choose ONE method of scandosh.
either up top. or on bottom.
not both.

it could be that it is almost lunch time, but this post is making me CRAZY hungry.
patty melts with dill pickle spears.

and kielbasa with pineapple is my most fav - i found a recipe for hula kebabs and it's totally my top request when my parents BBQ!

its a good thing we don't live closer or i'd be at your door with an empty plate ready for you to feed me. :)

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