Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day of School!

All three kids are at the same school this year. I dropped them off and came home to an empty, silent house. It is interesting to say the least! 

I am so excited for them. I loved school and right now, all of them do too. I hope it always stays that way. Even though the first week or so of getting "back to routine" always throws me off, I am looking forward to it. To homework, regular bedtimes, football games, colder weather...I think I am ready for FALL. 

I've taken these same shots, in front of our gate, every year they have gone to school. It was a little frantic this morning, but I refused to not take them! Thankfully they were still all willing to play along with my traditions and didn't put up too much of a fight. Except Munch...he was doing his crazy grin until I said, "Please just look at the camera and smile nice...think of something funny."

He screamed, "Son of a Nutcracker!" and then I got this shot.
Isn't he special?

Ok...now I need to go DO something with myself. 
THIS was released today.
Don't think for one second I wont be cracking that the minute I'm done with this post. 
And tonight I will be HERE.
FOR REALS. I will hear my THEME SONG live. I might cry.
And these two are opening for them. Like, whoa.
There is so much awesome crammed into today.
Somebody pinch me.

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