Monday, January 13, 2014

Bachelor Bingo

It's JUANuary!!

The Holy Grail of reality television trash has returned to remind us all to let hope spring eternal and believe in the power of paid programming to bring two uber attractive people together. ABC has promised things are going to be "so different" this season - which obviously means the drama has reached Defcon One. 

What better way to celebrate Everlasting Love (born into existence after 13 seconds of interaction) than with a Girls Night, complete with red roses, snarky commentary and wine??! (I mean, you have to be well lubricated in order to swallow the declarations of "OMG! I've never felt this way before!" and the 9,478,361 shots of Juan in his too tight V-neck tee.) You just do. So, tonight we will slick up these train wreck tracks and continue to love to hate on this show about love. And hate. (Apparently, by season end, one bachelorette is slumped on the bathroom floor screaming for Juan to die. I can't make this stuff up.)

(me. accepting ALL the roses.)

I made some Bachelor Bingo cards to enhance our viewing pleasure. I thought I'd post them here just in case any of the rest of you have given up on your self-judgement and admit to watching this insanity. (I included a blank one too, in case you want to make up some squares of your own!) I printed them out on card stock, two to a page, 5X7 (don't shrink to fit or the margins get cut off...I wasn't really paying attention to dimensions when I created. Whoops!) We're gonna use Valentine M&Ms as bingo markers. Have fun!

I've also nicknamed all the girls...maybe I'll post a recap of our fun tonight, along with the nicknames and some of our snarky commentary later this week! For now - I must go finish dinner for my fam and then get my ball gown and fake tan on.


Andrea Worley said...

love this! you're a genius Erin! I totally wish I could come to your Bachelor party!

Haley Viefhaus-Karayiannis said...

SERIOUSLY...I shared this without knowing you were the one who made these. I freaking love you.

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