Friday, March 07, 2014

Divergent Premiere Party Ideas - AMITY

The DPPP (Divergent Premiere Party Prep) Crazy Train has left the station. You can almost here the clackity clack of The El that's in my brain if you happen to stand too close. (My sister, SIL and BFF have all been getting party idea texts in the middle of the night: "What about THISSSSS??? This is errrrything. We must have this, don't you think?!!) I think they are happy I am finally blogging instead of texting. Maybe they can get some rest. 

Thankfully - I got my husband hooked on the books this week too (I told him three years ago they were something he should read!) so he is graciously putting up with the chaos...making his toast in the mornings over a plugged in glue gun and open jar of modge podge.

If your Dauntless enough to be planning a premiere party of your own...or if you just FLOVE this book like me and enjoy a good party (because who doesn't?!) then I'm here for you. You are my people. I plan to feature several of my Faction themed food and drink ideas as well as some decorating ideas over the next few days. Today - I'm starting with AMITY. Let's get this peace loving party started! 

I made these labels and will be attaching them to bottles of Hard Apple Cider. 

I'm using Angry Orchard Hard Cider at my party and this label covers the Angry Orchard label just perfectly so that I don't have to remove it...just modge podge over it!  

I couldn't resist changing the alcohol content to "peace serum"
and Pharrell's megahit seemed like a perfect Amity Brew Co. tagline if there ever was one!

This, however, might be my favorite part

The Amity print was made by printing out an image I found on the Divergent Faction Tumblr and modge podging it onto an 8X10 canvas. Is podging a word? podgeing?...The Erudite in me doesn't think so. You can find all 5 faction images on my Four+Tris pinboard. They were designed by LemadiJane. (If you are any sort of YA book lover like me, her Tumblr will melt your heart. Her graphics for TFiOS make me want to cry.)

For food/sweets I'm planning on making 

The Amity faction area will be decorated with the yellow chevron print table cloth you see in the pictures, apple baskets, red apples, maybe a flour sack towel or two, some packets of yeast...and definitely a glass bowl with soil. There is a HUGE part of me that wants to buy this cutting board to set everything out on...and then send it home with my sister after the party (She's from Chicago!) We'll see...we'll see. 

Are you planning a Divergent Party? What ideas do you have in the works? I'm always looking for inspiration! More of my Faction themed party ideas coming soon...

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