Thursday, September 04, 2014

Four knots, Four Prayers, All the Love

Many of you may remember my friend Jacqui and her beautiful son Ryan. Tuesday marked 4 months since Ryan became and angel and tomorrow is his 4th birthday! Alissa and I wanted to come up with a simple way to remember Ryan and support Jacqui and her husband, Dan on this HUGE day, so we put our brains together yesterday and made these  bracelets. Red thread bracelets are common in many cultures and religions - but in nearly every one - they symbolize PROTECTION and STRENGTH. Those two words were EXACTLY what we wanted to cover our friends with as they face once of the most bittersweet days they have seen since Ryan's passing. We decided to tie the thread with FOUR KNOTS - in honor of Ryan's 4th birthday and also symbolizing 1) a prayer for Jacqui, 2) a prayer for Dan, 3) a prayer for their Family and 4) a prayer for the Community that has come together in their time of need. Mine is tied to my right wrist and I will be wearing it until it falls off. Every time I see it, I will remember to Live Loud, Live Wild, and send my love to Jacqui and Dan.

Alissa posted the simple tutorial on her blog today (it's pretty self-explanatory) If you do take a moment and make a bracelet or wear red tomorrow, be sure to share a photo with Jacqui and Dan so they know you are lifting them up. They will be spending the day immersed in all of Ryan's favorite things - Lightning McQueen, Donuts, Red, Family - they can be found on Instagram at @babyboybakery and @danno12.

Thank you for being such an incredible community!! My heart is so full when social media works for good - and I know tomorrow will be one of those painfully joyful times. To my sweet, beautiful Jacqui - all the protection, strength and LOVE I have in my soul is yours - today, tomorrow and always. xoxo

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