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Divergent Premiere Party Ideas - DAUNTLESS

Yesterday, I sent my sister to the top of the Hancock (aka where the Dauntless zip line) on a party planning reconnaissance mission. She was an incredible sport...but had to give me a little ish.

Would you jump off this? At night?...No?

I always say I'm half Dauntless...but looking at that picture, I'm not so sure. I think I'd stay at the bottom with Four. Thankyouverymuch. 
But Dauntless party planning is a different story. That's all me.

The table "cloth" is a piece of galvanized sheet metal I got at Home Depot for $15. I wrote 'Dauntless' on the bottom with a piece of chalk and then repeatedly hammered (and removed) a nail to make the letters. I love how it turned out. 

The guns are all neon colored water or dart guns from the 99 cent store that I spray painted with matte black spray paint. The knives too - they came in a 'ninja' pack from the 99 cent store. I used metallic chrome spray paint to make the blades look more real and less plastic. 

Kinda scary how legit they look, right? When I was painting the guns, Munch asked if he could play with them and I told him after the party was over he could have them...but I'm having second thoughts!! I might have to go back and buy him the neon ones again. 

The ravens are from my Halloween decorations. But you can order them HERE
The shooting targets are from our local gun store and came in a pack of 12 for $5. I cut one up and used it as a doily under the ice bucket...but it's hard to see. 

What's more Dauntless at a party then straight shots of Anejo Tequila? To complete the look - I bought black shot glasses and Kah Tequila - I thought their Day of the Dead decanter was quite fitting!

I made skull and crossbones ice cubes to chill the tequila on and they ended up being one of my favorite parts of this set up! You can get the ice cube tray HERE.  

The Brave Fearless Dauntless print was made using an image I found on the Divergent Faction Tumblr and modge podging it onto and 8X10 canvas. You can find all five faction images on my Four+Tris pinboard. They were designed by LemadiJane. Her fangirl graphics are swoonworthy. 

For more decorations/food/sweets I'm planning on

1 Tattoos
2 Dauntless chocolate cake
3 Butter knives to eat the chocolate cake with
4 a bowl of flaming coals
5 mini sliders

I'm thinking the Dauntless Faction area will be outside. That way I can have lit flaming coals in the middle of everything. I chose to serve sliders because Tris' first meal after she chooses Dauntless is something very different than what she was used to in Abnegation.

In the center of the table is a platter of food I don’t recognize: circular pieces of meat wedged between round bread slices. I pinch one between my fingers, unsure what to make of it.
Four nudges me with his elbow.
“It’s beef,” he says. “Put this on it.” He passes me a small bowl of red sauce.
“You’ve never had a hamburger before?” asks Christina, her eyes wide.
– Chapter 7

Cake is also mentioned as an indulgent, Dauntless food, but it seems to always come with a serving of sadness or pain. Tris' mother mentions it at the end of her one and only visit with Tris after the choosing ceremony:

At the end of the hallway she turns and says, “Have a piece of cake for me, all right? The chocolate. It’s delicious.” She smiles a strange, twisted smile, and adds, “I love you, you know.”
– Chapter 15

Later, when scathing articles are written about her father, Tris leans on her friends:

When the first one was released, Christina charmed one of the cooks in the Dauntless kitchens, and he let us try some cake batter.
–Chapter 21

And after Tris is attacked by Peter, she mentions he would throw a party if she stopped breathing. Four replies:

“Well,” he says, “I would only go if there was cake.”
I laugh, and then wince, covering his hand to steady my rib cage.
–Chapter 23

I do not think it is a coincidence that always, when cake is mentioned, there is pain. So for Tris, we must have cake!

I made these tags and am going to package the chocolate cake as individual slices on paper liners inside cello bags. I'm planning to attach the tags to the top of the cello bags along with these plastic silver, butter knives I found at the 99 cent store. That way, guests can eat the cake right away, or take it home as a favor.

(I found this graphic on Pinterest with no original link. If it's yours, let me know so I can give you credit! So cute. I just added the quote at the bottom.)

I also made these tattoos.

Did you know you can buy temporary tattoo transfer paper on Amazon and use your ink jet printer to make your own? I don't know how I never knew this before, changing.

ABNEGATION and CANDOR Party ideas still to come this week!

You can purchase all my Divergent Party printables in my SHOP!

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Denise said...

Would I expect anything less of this greatness from Erin??? Never! AMAZING!

Ordinary J said...

Wow, this is quite a party. I haven't heard of Divergent before, is this movie from a book?

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