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Prince Farming - The Bachelor Viewing Party Ideas

Guilty pleasures come in many forms. Mine happen to be processed Nacho cheese, racy NA novels and Reality TV. I freely admit to watching waaaaay too much of the latter and ABC's The Bachelor is the Holy Grail of said insanity. I mean, what other show answers the question, "How many glasses of wine does it take until the guy making out with 20 other women seems like he'd make a great husband?!" 

There are always a few, special girls that make the show a complete train wreck. But to give credit where credit is due, these girls have taught me some valuable life lessons.

Do What You Love

Showing off is rarely a good idea

ABC / Via

and...Always choose your words wisely!

ABC / Via

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!!

I am blessed to have some good girlfriends who enjoy catching this crazy train every Monday night with me. Some weeks, we make it a "text date," and frantically text our thoughts back and fourth as we pick our jaws up off the ground. Other weeks, we get together in person and laugh and kibitz and drink and laugh some more. 

This coming Monday is the season premiere and one of our favorites is back to steal the women's hearts! "Farmer Chris" (as we lovingly dubbed him last season) is an Iowa corn farmer who dresses like a GQ model, has a smile that makes orthodontists weak in the knees, and for all intents and purposes...seems like a true gentleman. 

(for reals, with that smile and corduroy trimmed puffy vest)

Chris was our favorite last season out of all of the guys - even though we knew he and Andi weren't meant to be...So we hope there are a few quality women, out of the 30 that will be vying (clawing) for his heart - as well as those that will keep it interesting, of course.

(these come in handy when it's time to nickname the girls based on their first impressions - another one of our guilty pleasures!) 

I made Bachelor Bingo cards again (just like Juan's season) as well as printed out all the girls profile pics and started to gather up some details that will make Monday night the over the top night it should be. Think moonshine cocktails in mason jars, corn appetizers, entrees and desserts, as well as red rose jello shots and cupcakes! And since it's me and I tend to murder a theme...there will be plenty of bandanas, hay bales, (stuffed) cows and (mini) tractors. It should prove to be a good time. 

I've made the Hot Corn Dip many times and it's always a hit! While all the moonshine cocktails in that link look fab - we're going to use Firefly Corn Whiskey, because CORN - and make the one called Farmer's Almanac Moonshine Cocktail....because, FARMERS. Also, I bought these Wilton candy roses for the cupcakes at Michael's today.

Here are the Prince Farming Bingo Cards - I uploaded them to Shutterfly and printed them out as 4X6 pics and then backed with yellow and green cardstock. But you could also print two to a page (landscape, 5X7) on your home printer. I think we will use popcorn kernels for our bingo markers! 

And as I was searching the internet for images to use on the Bingo Cards - I came across this Bachelor Bracket on Des Hartstock's blog! We will soooo be filling these out. You can print your Bachelor Bracket off HERE

Have fun, friends!! This season Chris has an unprecedented THIRTY bachelorettes to choose from, including a cadaver tissue saleswoman (cringe!), a WWE diva-in-training, and a plus-size model. I can't stinking wait.


Rachel said...

Giggled my way through this post and floved everything about it! Can't wait for Monday!

Patricia DeVoe said...

So doing the bracket and bingo, thanks!

Robyn Anstey said...

Thanks for the bingo!! Love it :)

Katie said...

Well this game is starting for me and my friends come Monday.

Suzee Bochantin said...

What an excellent job you've done with your Blog! I clicked on it for the ideas for the Bachelor Viewing Party. Awesome Job! I'll be back to read more!

ejacobsen said...

Love this! Will you be doing a viewing party for the bachelorette this season?

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