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It's that time of year again!! It's no secret I am a proud member of #BachelorNation. I watch them all...Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise. (I've even been known to find myself on the set of The Women Tell All) I do not discriminate in my train wreck watching! My favorite part of watching these shows is sharing the crazy with my girlfriends. We enjoy getting together on Monday night, usually with some form of cheese, a couple bottles of wine and LOTS OF CATTINESS. Meow.

The last few seasons, I have created Bachelor Bingo boards and we've had many laughs playing it. But this season, I wanted to do something different. Something that would keep us invested all season long. My husband is an avid Fantasy Football player and that got me to thinking...Why not Fantasy Bachelor? I took what I new about Fantasy from him, and ran the idea by a couple friends, and below is the game I came up with! My hope is that we can all have some competitive fun this season and work out the kinks in the game (I'm sure there will be some!) I've assigned arbitrary amounts to different "plays" your players can make - We'll have to see if the scoring really works with the numbers I've assigned in the end.

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CLICK HERE to download and print you Fantasy Score Sheets!

Here is how we are going to play this first season...

Before the Premiere begins:

1. Everyone decides on a name for their team. Mine is going to be:

2. Everyone drafts 5 "Players" from the group of 28 Bachelorettes who they think will score a high number of points on Premiere night. NO SPOILER or REALITY STEVE READING!! You are allowed to watch official ABC previews of the show and read/watch all info on
(I plan on drafting a few who I think will be ringers and a few who I'm guessing to be villains!)

3. At the end of the premiere episode, BUT BEFORE THE PREVIEW AIRS OF THE FULL SEASON AHEAD, everyone will draft 4 Players from the girls who are left after the First Rose Ceremony.

4. Before this "Full Season Draft" - everyone will draw straws or pull numbers out of a hat to determine a draft order.

5. Everyone takes turns drafting their "KEEPER" and their "SLEEPER" - once a Bachelorette is chosen for a team in these categories, no one else may select them. *The person who drew the longest straw (or highest number) drafts their Keeper first and so on down the draft order. Then, the person who drew the shortest straw (or lowest number) drafts their Sleeper first and so on back up the draft order. So the last person in the draft order will draft their Keeper and then immediately draft their Sleeper. Does that make sense?

The Keeper is the Bachelorette you think will be your strongest player - maybe she's the girl you think will stay around the longest. Or maybe she's the girl you think will get a lot of one on one dates...

The Sleeper is the Bachelorette who will sit on your "Bench" during the first half of the season and will be allowed to enter the game at EPISODE 6 (halfway to finale) should one of your original 5 girls get put on the Disabled List (voted out) before this time. Maybe your Sleeper is the girl you think will fly under the radar the first few weeks. Or maybe she's the girl you think will stick around the longest.

6. Finally, everyone will draft their final 2 Players to round out their teams from the remaining pool of Bachelorettes. (The remaining girls after everyone has chosen their Keeper & Sleeper) These girls can be chosen by more than one team.

In essence - two teams could have 2 identical players and then their own individual Keeper & Sleeper. Make sense?

7. Each week, Keep a tally (check marks in the column next to the plays) of how many times your Players perform each of the actions during the episode. You will be following 5 girls the first night, so stay on your toes! (aka - watch that wine drinking!) In all reality, it may prove to be impossible to keep track of how many times they say "AMAZING!" but just try... ;-)

After Premiere night, you will only follow up to 3 girls each episode. Your Keeper and your other 2 Players through Week 5. And then Week 6 on - Your Sleeper (if one of your original 3 has gone home) and whoever you still have left in the game.

8. Each week, at the end of the episode, total up your points for that episode. Add them to your previous Running Total Points to get a cumulative total. At the very end of the Finale - the person with the highest total points WINS!!

We are thinking of having a League Comissioner - someone everyone reports their running total to each week (as we don't always watch together.) And I want to come up with fun prizes for the Winner and the Runner Up! (I'm thinking a gift card for a date night out or something like that...) I'm also thinking of adding a "Weekly Bonus Prediction" for a set number of points each week - that way, even if all your girls are eliminated early on - you still have a way to play and earn some points each week! Check back later this week - when I get these ideas ironed out, I will post an update!

I hope you enjoy Rose Duel! I'm sure you may have some better ideas on how to draft or how to score or maybe weekly bonus rounds to come up with...if you do, leave them in the comments and I'll be sure and take them into consideration.

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