Monday, May 19, 2008

I wish I gave birth to Goldfish

"Goldfish get big enough only for the bowl you put them in. Bonsai trees twist in miniature. I would give anything to keep her little. They outgrow us so much faster than we outgrow them."
-from My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Almost every night, I sing songs with the girls before they go to sleep. I've posted before about how also almost every night we sing the exact same songs! It gets a little repetitious for me at times, but they love it. What I love - is that because of all this repetition - Megan and Molly can now sing along with me.

Molly's favorite bedtime song is what she calls "Papa's Song" (or what the rest of us call "Hush Little Baby") Listening back to her singing this song made me realize what a cold she has! She sounds so stuffed up. I love how when we get to the part in the song that says "If that cart and bull turns over" Molly always immediately shouts out "SAY DUKE!" Which means she wants me to use our dog's name in the next line "Papa's gonna buy you a dog named (Rover)" instead. In the background you can also hear Megan say "Hooley!" which is the name of my parents' dog. You can see even at bedtime - they are constant characters.

Megan's favorite bedtime song is "Wonderful World." After watching the video I realized how tired she was. She's hardly even smiling - which is rare for Megan! I love her little voice and how she (tries) to sign "I Love You" when she is singing. (I think she got her signs confused with the head-banging horns she and Molly make to Guns and Roses - AHHH that's a whole different story!) The line towards the end where I sing "I hear babies..." and then she chimes in with the sweetest little "cry," brings tears to my eyes every time I watch this. It's just too sweet, innocent and lovable for words. Why can't they stay little forever?


Aubs said...

This is precious....i love it!! They are sooo cute and you have a great voice!! At first i was thinking you must be brave to post a video of yourself singing but now i know wouldn't ever want to hear me singing to Brayden...HA! But i love that it actually soothes him! Anyway...great post...tooo sweet!

Joanna said...

Bedtime routines are so special. I'm glad I got to peek into yours!

~love said...

that was so cute!! we sing the same songs before bedtime, too. i love to hear their sweet voices, especially at their favorite parts. thanks for sharing. =)

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