Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Gotta Believe

Remember back in June when I posted about The Curse and my belief in the Laptop Fairy? Guess What? She DOES EXIST!! Look what came in the mail last Friday.

Brooke went to college with my sister. She is a young Mom of twins and come to find out - a faithful reader of Bringing Up Burns! When she noticed my posts dropping off after The Curse, she emailed me the following words:

"I just recently had twins (they are eleven months already!) and you have given me such inspiration and encouragement through your blog. I check it all the time and leave my computer smiling when you have a new post up. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but not many of our friends have children yet and therefore can't quite relate to the sweat you work up just trying to get bathes done or the joy of seeing your baby figure something out on their own for the first time. Reading your words, and just knowing that others go through the same joys and trials that I do is really comforting."

Brooke then asked if she could GIVE ME HER iBook! I can't tell you how FLOORED I was by this generous offer. She and her husband had both recently gotten new computers and she said she would love for her iBook to have a new home where it would be put to good use....especially if it meant more timely posts on the Blog!

The iBook is presently at the Apple shop - getting retrofitted with the latest software, also generously provided by Brooke! But once it's back later this week - watch out World Wide Web! I plan for Bringing Up Burns to have daily posts during the week to honor Brooke's generosity. I am excited to learn a Mac and all that it has to offer. Even more so, I am excited to be able to upload and edit pictures!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You, Brooke! I'm not sure you understand all this gift means to me. You have inspired me to be more generous in my Random Acts of Kindness. I pray our paths DO cross one day so that I can give you a HUG. Until then...posts will have to do. God Bless You!


LauraC said...

WOW WOW WOW that is so generous!! But you definitely deserve it!

~love said...

i love it. and you deserve it! =)

Jennifer said...

Wow, that generosity is a beautiful thing to see!!! That's fantastic! Enjoy your new computer Erin!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Brooke! You are an amazing mother and I feel graced by your friendship. Thank you for being so kind to my family. I can't wait for you and Erin to meet one day!

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