Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apparently I have time on my hands

So - In my FREE TIME, I have started up three (yes, count them!) 3 more blogs. It's something I have been wanting to do for awhile. So take a little walk around the blogosphere (click on the blog titles) and see more of what is rattling around inside my head. I hope you enjoy!

Haute Plates
This is where I will post all my recipes. Anytime I post on Bringing Up Burns about something that I make, you will be able to find the recipe and pictures here! I am a total Foodie - so this seemed like a natural progression to me. As you faithful readers know - I post almost as many pictures of my food as I do my kids! Almost! I have started making Birthday Cakes for friends...and getting paid for it! So this is where I will send those types of people to get ideas of what I can do. If you need something baked for a special occasion - let me know! I love to come up with new cake creations.

Haute Tots
This is where I will post all my sewing creations. My birthday onesies, tutus, costumes, hooded towels, burp cloths, and baby quilts. I hope to grow it into a store where you can special order gifts and the like. This site is still under construction. Actually - I really just need to catch up on some projects and then get pictures of them.

Get Your Kicks in Room 206
This is a site I have developed for Megan's Jr Kindergarten class. I think it will be great tool for the teachers and parents to communicate and stay up to date on what's happening with our kids. Each Friday I am going to feature one of the students in a kinda "Get To Know" format called Friday Face (Again - props go to NieNie for this idea!) I did a post using Megan as an example for the parents of the class to get the idea. Check this blog quick and enjoy it while it lasts - it will go private next week. Not everyone is cool with their minors being plastered all over the world wide web! What gives?! :)


LauraC said...

WOW! You truly are superwoman!!

~love said...

you are out of control...and i love it. i've already printed the recipe for the cookies and we'll be making them tomorrow. =)
and LOVE your rm 206 idea....wish chloe was in megan's class!! = )

Brooke said...

are you nuts? i would have to say yes. I don't think I can blog anymore, you make mine look like a toddler is doing it!

britty said...

love the other blogs! especially the recipes, yay!!!

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