Thursday, October 30, 2008

Next Season

of "Dancing with the Stars"

I am already a Reality TV slut....sorry, but I am! I am SO tuning in for this one!! Sarah, you never looked so good. Barack...I love you, but all white is a little TOO metro even for me!

Moving on to other news at Bringing Up Burns:

I finished Megan's costume with not 5 minutes to spare before she walked out the door for school this morning. The JrK kids get to wear their costumes and parade thru the younger classrooms. She was very excited!

A Halloween Miracle! Wyatt slept ALL NIGHT! Not a peep until 5:40 this morning. He usually wakes and takes a bottle about 4AM and then goes back to sleep for a couple hours. Of course, from 5AM on I was awake thinking "I can't believe he didn't wake up? I wonder how long he will sleep? Will this change his naps during the day?" and on and on, so the extra hour or so of sleep was totally lost on me.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the CC Roo giveaway. CLICK HERE to see the clues and post your answers as a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Matt's Homecoming game is tomorrow night. So today he and some other teachers are participating in the Pep Rally. They are all dressing like zombies and dancing Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. We had fun together making his costume the other night out of an old suit and shirt he got at the Goodwill. (But I had the most fun watching him learn the dance steps in our living room!)


Aubs said...

I just laughed so hard about the "reality tv slut" comment! That is stinkin' hilarious!! I could usually say the same but my life seems to be moving at warp speed right now and i am missing some serious tv viewing. =( I WILL be back on track by the time the Bachelor starts again and I'll have to watch for this one too! FUN!

Aubs said...

oh yeah...i totally feel the need to clarify that while i would like to take all the credit for the awesome pumpkin carving we totally used a stencil! HA...what i wouldn't give to be that amazing! =)~ Hope your having a wonderful day!! I've totally been thinking about you alot lately cause we will be staying in Hesperia, CA one night on our trip down and while i know that isn't like super close to you its ALOT closer than i am right now!! So i'll be sending lots of imaginary hugs your way that night....maybe one day life will give us the opportunity to meet in real life! I cherish you and our bloggy friendship! Hugs!

ps....i guess i totally could have sent you a message on facebook but o well...i already typed it all out here. But you don't have to actually approve this comment! ;)

~love said...

okay, seriously...where's the video of matt breakin' it down to thriller?! = )

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